After this, furthermore, nextly- wait.

I got my Presentation done today! *collapses from relief* I did a 10 minute presentation in Science, Medicine and Faith on Human Language Development and Acquisition, specifically First Languages.

We’re looking at Darwinism is Science class, and we each have to do a 10 minute presentation on a subject that is often used in evolutionary debates. I have come to the conclusion that I am not a scientist. However, the others said that I did a good job *sceptical* and now that’s one less thing to worry about!

The class was- amusing. Moon Unit has a cold, so she had to leave the class because of a coughing fit. Third World and I told her later that God gave her that cold so that she wouldn’t have to sit though the discussion of homosexuality. That was definitely a case of TMI.

Tomorrow, Music paper due and Latin Quiz. *blinks* Actually, that’s today now, isn’t it. Time to sleep.

*wanders off to bed*


To Do

I’m making a list so that I don’t forget. This week I need to:

  1. Write my 10 page philosophy research paper
    1. Question
    2. Research
    3. Write
    4. Revise at least once
  2. Get up to date in my Art textbook
  3. Read Denton.
  4. Read Philosophy text, Kant and Hume
  5. Translate Practise and Review sentences in Chapter 15 of Wheelock’s Latin
  6. Go to War Museum with Stephanie
  7. Go to Museum of Civilization
  8. Continue writing 1000 words a day on my story
  9. Think of and being researching a question for my Literature paper
  10. Sleep
  11. Eat
  12. Have fun.

Sounds like a good week!

After consultation with Stephanie, we decided that the two professors who expect the best work out of us also want us to do it on short notice. Dr. Patrick likes to assign things to be done yesterday. Dr. Tingley gave us our paper parameters on two weeks notice. Now I’m slightly scared because we have another paper for Tingley due the week after the philosophy paper, with no news yet. However, I will overcome! Or at least crash and burn really dramatically!

The roads which never saw the sun nor sky…

For the past little while I’ve been a little bit at loose ends. I’ve made an awful nuisance of myself to Third World and Moon Unit, I think. Mainly Third World, I’m afraid, because Moon Unit escapes me on weekends. *stares madly around in all directions* *drapes self over arm of chair* But I feel better now.

I went on a nice LONG walk after class; up behind the Parliament buildings. It was very pretty. I’ll need to take my camera along and repeat the walk. It’s good to see a bit of space. I’m used to vistas, and behind stuck in between buildings starts to wear on one after a while.

Unfortunately, it was so pretty I didn’t consider the fact that I would have to repeat the walk in the other direction… I think I’ll sleep very soundly tonight.

Reading Week is starting to look less like a phantom and more like a reprieve, and it’s very soon! Only two more days of classes, then nine days off. *slumps in relife*

The objective is to get lots and lots and lots of school work done. Let’s hope I can live up to that lofty goal. I think I know where I”m going with my Music paper and my Presentation, so those should get knocked off first.

We’re going to the other girls’ house, the “party house,” for Sue’s birthday party tonight. Also; proof that God is merciful to foolish girls who don’t consider return journeys; we have been loaned a car for the evening. Should be fun!