Town, where the weather is always sunshine and rainbows.

So yesterday I moved into town! It was a long drive, which was rather hazy because I was in AUGH MOVING TIME HAS NO MEANING MUST DRINK MORE COFFEE mode. But my brother PT and his Girlfriend R drove me in, which was lovely of them. There was much conversation which I hope I was lucid for. 
I know we stopped at McDonalds on the way, where this conversation happened. 

PT: “All right, time to hit the road.”
Me: “Aw, but I thought we were living here now!”
R: “They don’t have a playplace. We’ll find a better one.”

Yeah, I was in fine form. 
When we got to the edge of town, no sooner did we get to my neighbourhood than four police cars went screaming by, lights and sirens going. Welcome to the big city, self! 😛 Aside from some moving up of boxes, which is not exiting to relate, that was my evening. (Life!Drama, I has it.) 
Now today I woke up to a beautiful sunshiny day. Er, no, that was some other city. I’m living in Fog City. Thankfully I like fog. 😀 
The objectives of the day were to go shopping for groceries, and go out for coffee with Angie and Kay. I will now conduct the rest of this blog post in pictures, because me and words are ESTRANGED.

This is how foggy I mean. I almost walked past the grocery.


This was brunch, and it was delicious. (Can you tell I like having a camera?)

Kay insisted on taking pictures of me too. So here, you get to see all my gums.
You’re welcome.

On the Left, Curtis.
On the Right, Angie.
They’re lovely. 😀

Kay plays coy with her gloves. This picture taking was our attempt as being “rowdy,” by the way. How do you think we did?

Angie enjoys Starbucks.
We agreed that my phone was prettier, but hers was a SURVIVOR.

Kay’s shy about having her picture taken. 😀
No honestly, she’s just distracted.

I just liked this building. It’s so UGLY.

Ugly was noteworthy because this was about what the rest of downtown looks like. GLASS AND PRETTINESS. 

And here’s the view from my back window! 

Epic blog entry of epicness

Here begineth the epic blog entry of last weekend. I’m hoping to get it all into one post without my fingers or language skills giving out- I’ll see how that works out.

So, the plan was for Angelica to come out and spend the weekend with us. She was going to drive out from Sin Jawns on Thursday, and return on Sunday. Unfortunately, Thursday rolled in, and so did car troubles. Cue change of plans! (But what is a road trip without transportation issues? Seriously?) Instead, she was going to come in on the bus, on Friday. So Friday rolled in, and so did a blizzard. To make things even better, this was the last day before reading week for MUN students, so the bus stop was full of students anxious to make it home. Angelica didn’t make it on the first bus.

In the charming way which DRL has of dealing with overflow passengers, they said they’d wake up the other driver and acquire another bus, come back in an hour. (Btw, the bus was supposed to leave at seven in the morning in the first place. Don’t you getting out of bed in time to make it the bus stop at seven am on a saturday, in a snow storm, and being told to come back later? LOVE.) But an hour later, the next bus arrived, and Angelica embarked for the wilds of central newfoundland. It’s supposed to be a six hour drive, including an hour meal break for lunch in Gander airport. (An airport so busy that it has two gates. One for departing, one for arrivals. AWESOME, no?) However, due to the snow on the roads, her bus arrived EIGHT HOURS after it left St. John’s. Which is nine hours after she was supposed to leave, remember. Which was ten hours after she got up that morning. Given that this was her first bus ride, all I can say is that it gets better! Honestly! 😛

But then my lovely family had cupcakes and party games as any excuse for a party to welcome her, and I got home from work in time for rock band tutorials (I really should never play again,) and to watch Up. (I heart that movie.)

Saturday I slept in.. *cough* Not for the whole morning, however! Because we went sledding. It was EPIC.

The picture of grace and dignity, that’s me. And Angelica seems to be being attacked by my hair… Poor girl.
There’s my mom, isn’t she pretty?

After sledding we hung around for a while more, and I read, and then we went bowling! I bowled at 113, I think. Anyways, I broke one hundred, which made me happy. Even if I was the inspiration for the phrase “throwing really enthusiastic gutter balls.” Sigh. Oh, and then we went to K and C’s house for cake, hot dogs and Charlotte’s Web! I queried people about art school and the rise of the civil rights movement. Strangely, people didn’t see the connection between those two things when I started asking questions. Their minds must be so boring.. Or organized. That too.

Actually, however, my plot for Karma Police had fallen apart in my hands on Thursday, and I was trying frantically to shoe-horn it back together. Which was the basis for most of my questions, but some people didn’t see that immediately. ANYWAYS.

On Sunday we went on an Explorer Girls adventure! Only this time, because we had a destination, and also there were four persons of the male persuasion in attendance, it was more of a, Expedition Persons adventure. We went out to K and C’s cabin. The cabin was nice and warm, and contained hot chocolate and cookies. The trek out TO the cabin contained a great deal of slush and ice crystals, and wind off the ocean. I poked some ice pans with my toe, saw them fall gently apart and decided not to try jumping on them while they were in the water, and stomped several loose boards on the wharf back into place with my steel toed boots. Frauline was enraptured with some seaweed frozen into a block of ice that looked like swiss cheese, and the small ones climbed small cliffs. And those formalities over with, then we went inside and had lovely hot chocolate. 😀

Oh, and Angelica had brought her camera, and K had brought her alter-ego Iris’s wig, so we had a minor photo shoot which was lots of fun. There was only one wig, so the four of us that jumped at the chance to be in the picture had to take turns wearing it, and then Angelica had to stich it together using her arcane photo arts. See the result?

Aren’t we fetching?

And then it was sunday afternoon, so Daddy and Angelica and I were going back to Town. Oh, didn’t I mention that I was going too? Silly me. Yes, I had my passport, some spare rope and my credit card. So why WOULDN”T I be going? #rhetoricalquestionsftw

We drove in, which was a five hour drive ornamented with many much snow and awesome music, and then we dropped Angelica off at her house, and met up with my brother PT, (You remember PT, don’t you? He fixes pianos and has a leopard gecko) at a suitably high-class establishment. So once I’d ordered my bacon cheeseburger and PT had his fries and drink, we sat down to chat. I know, you’re amazed at the depth of our pocketbooks and my wild social life.

*cough* At any rate, we got a lovely phone call from our cousin announcing that she was engaged, which surprised no one but pleased us all, and then Daddy had to go calling, and PT and I decided to check out the theatre. Once we got there, there was a slight disagreement between myself and my brother as to which movie we wanted to see. He was strongly on the side of Shutter Island, and myself and my hyper imagination was just as firmly on the side of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We decided the only way to choose fairly between them was Rock, Paper, Scissors. Yes, in the theatre lobby, in front of all the cool city teenagers who looked aslant at the baymen. Part of the joy of being as weird as I am is having minimal shame. 😀

So, we watched Percy Jackson. *Celebratory Rock Paper Scissors dance* And the movie. Hmmm…

I am a hearty fan of the books. I had just read Last Olympian, which is the last volume in a five-book set, and I loved it. I loved all the details and the use of Greek Mythology, and the excellent way it’s all crafted. Oh, and the great characters help too! The movie, well. In the words of my friend Rose after seeing it. “It’s an amusing fanfic.”Unfortunately, I’d spent much of the day working out and fixing plot issues with my story. So when I was trying to fall asleep (and falling off of) a couch later, I ended up spending much of the night working out and fixing plot issues with the movie. I’m pretty sure I fixed it all and it was marvellous! Too bad I can’t remember anything now…

Then in the morning, blessed morning, Daddy and I went to Cora’s for breakfast. I am still baffled by the purpose of ground cherries. But they put on a good show, and sometimes that’s all you need from your food. After food, we went to the Janeway, which was brutal and heartbreaking as always. I want to write a book there, but I’m afraid of getting it wrong, and crying too much. I have nothing more to say on that subject right now.

At this point it was lunch time, or close enough for Government work. I was dropped off at the mall while Daddy went to make Important Business Connections. I was a good girl and bought work shoes first. And then I was magnetically drawn towards the bookstores.

Last time I was in reach of a bookstore I bought fifteen books. This time I bought twenty. However, because this time I was savvy enough to browse the paperback section instead of the hardbacks, it cost me 30% less. See my spoils? *presents them proudly*

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this is honestly broadening my reading horizons, and with books that I think I’ll actually READ. Unlike when I pick up Brothers K and say “Oh, I’m gonna read this next.” Lies, I read the cheesy things I get from the library before I ready heavy russian things. Ahem.

Also I may or may not have climbed over a fence to get to Chapters. Silly unexpected rivers. Silly barbed wire. Sillest of all mud.

And then we drove home, with a brief stop for dance class. Here endeth the epic weekend.

"I just spent 500 pound on an unauthorized expense." "And you think you still work here?"

PT’s home for the weekend! He’s grown a fetchingly red goatee, which was disconcerting to witness. I pinpointed the source of at least a little of my disconcertion when I realized that, from the angle at which I was staring at him, he looked a little like a faun. Despite my mind’s willingness to dive into Narnia or Classical Greece at any time, it has not yet progressed to presenting me with fictional beings at the dinner table. So that’s why I was staring, PT, sorry. It looks lovely, really it does. 😀

So there has been much celebration upon the advent of PT’s return for four days, and upon the morrow we perhaps shall venture unto T’gate, there to climb cliffs and take profuse pictures of our siblings participating in the aforementioned vertical activity. Moreover, I have not the slightest idea why I am talking in this manner, unless it is perhaps attributable to the Tylenol, Midol and Coffee I have been eating over the course of the past five hours.

I’ve discovered the effects pane in iphoto, which causes me much joy. And yes, that is a tree I was wearing in my hair yesterday. I was gardening, see.

"Are YOU a sea squirt?"

I’m gonna blog when I wake up. Cause nothing good comes of writing now. 

After five hours of sleep…

Anyhow, yesterday. I started the day by sleeping through the Free Continental Breakfast at the hotel. (A mistake I did not make today, by the way.) So I salved my wounded soul with coffee and internet, and then headed out to the Avalon Mall, where I was scheduled to meet up with two old friends, Zach and Beth. I did consider bussing to the mall there, then I looked at the transfer I would have to make and remembered my notorious skills with buses, and took a cab. 😀 And mercy of mercies, I had a cab driver who WASN’T chatty! We drove the five or ten km in complete silence, which was nice.
So Zach and Beth showed up, and we chatted for a while, and then walked around the mall, and walked over to the university, and walked to Beth’s house, and walked to the bus, and took the bus downtown, and walked around downtown- I’m starting to sense why I might be tired. Usually when I come to St. John’s I just go to the mall. NO MORE. Now I shall “just” go downtown. The shops are so much more lovely, and the whole atmosphere is much more conducive to my eudamonia. I had intended to take pictures of downtown, but that came to naught. Regrettably, I found my batteries were gone as soon as I stepped off the bus. It was a sad moment. But then we went into the Hemp Store, and it was all better. 
Um, that sounded less law-abiding than I intended. *sheepish grin* It’s all legal, I assure you… I bought some glass ladybug magnets. And then we just roved along the street, skipping into teashops for samples and checking out record stores and cosmetic shops and t-shirt/magnet stores with amusing slogans. “I’m all that’s left of a bizarre childhood.” (I liked that one a lot. *grins*) Fred’s records was especially fun, because there are listening stations. So I put on the headphones and rocked out just a little. 😀 It was fun. 
And THEN. (Yes, the day is not over yet. Social events on top of social events!) We went to Zach’s family’s house for supper. They had graciously insisted that I come over to eat once they heard I was in town. This was followed by PT picking us up, and he, Zach and Beth and I celebrating his birthday by driving downtown again, exploring Value Village, and then seeing a movie. Then I collapsed and slept. 😀 So much for the planned lazy day! PT wanted set off some rockets in a parking lot, but the Law-abiding Zach wouldn’t let him. Which was what led to trying on funny hats at Value Village. What, you don’t see the connection? That’s just tragic, that is. Oh, and the movie was State of Play which was good- well worth the half-price ticket. However, it’s based on a 6 hour BBC production, which I want to see now. It felt like the movie didn’t quite have enough time to wrap things up properly, or something. They spend two hours laying a red herring, and then WHAM- no here’s the truth over here! Oh, movie’s over. Have a nice day! So, *cough* I’d like to see the long version. Also I’m a fan of British television. Right. 
Woah, the coffee’s finally kicking in. *blinks* Good times! *looks around with a vague smile* Oh look, my eyes focus and everything! Moreover, the man in the breakfast line ahead of me this morning tried to warm up an egg in the microwave. My family is laughing about now, but it seems a shocking amount of people don’t know what happens when you do that. So for those who haven’t tried the egg-speriment yet- (Get it? Eggs? Oh, I crack myself up) I’ll tell you what happens. 
The egg egg-splodes. 
Okay, I’ll go now, before the puns eat out my brain. Off to the airport in an hour and a half!

"Happy trails, to youuuuuu!!!"

I made it through day one of travel! With no major catastrophes! I feel as though I’m competent, or something! 

Okay, and I’ve also used up my exclamations marks for the day. Possibly for the month. *cough*
At any rate, I’m safely in St. Johns! Daddy drove me up to the bus stop in town, and five hours later, there I was, at the MUN student centre, in TOWN! Opps, exclamation marks again. *cough* The bus ride was mostly uneventful. I dosed and watched the trees go by. For a little while, I will admit, I was watching the trees with extreme interest, because the seats in front of me were occupied by a teenage couple who proceeded to kiss each other for about half an hour, (or half a century, you know.) He had a lip ring, too, which just looks technically difficult. And then they fell asleep in the same seat together, which is another technically difficult thing. I mean, those seat are not that large. *shakes head* But they were silent after a time, and I zoned out. Mommy had packed me a decorated lunch- see above- and I occupied my time with eating that, too. Then PT picked me up at the Student Centre, which was lovely. (I was delivering some presents from home.) 
Incidentally, the bus stop in St. Johns is right outside the student bar, and today was the last day  of exams. We therefore witnessed some shockingly short skirts on college girls. I’m pretty sure at least one of those outfits was technically just a shirt- glued down. When your skirt is so short you can’t move without a privacy shield, you know you have issues. 
And then PT and I booted about Downtown St. Johns. (Caught the exclamation mark just in time.) Due to the darkness, I couldn’t get many good pictures, but I caught a semblance of the view from Signal Hill.  See, isn’t it pretty?

We also talked about going DOWNtown. You see, it’s PT’s Birthday *checks clock* now, so legally he could go drink now. However, if he had a celebratory drink, that would leave me driving a standard car, through a notoriously hard to navigate city, in the dark. And the alternative idea of me tipsy can reduce strong men to tears of terror. (Not that I’ve tested this, but it should okay? okay?) So we had ice cream at DQ instead. 
Now I’m checked in to my very own hotel room, about to collapse and sleep. Sounds like a good plan, if I do say so myself. Shalom!

"Oh everyone believes/ in how they think it oughta be/ oh everyone believes/ and they’re not goin quietly.."

As you may have noticed, last night was New Year’s Eve. The night for ROWDY PARTIES. Following in that honourable tradition, my family watched Wall-E. And to top it off, we had popcorn. Living on the wild side, I know. Then Fraulein and I watched Stick It, which was entertaining. In retrospect, if has occurred to me that I’ve never actually gone to a “New Year’s Party.” Probably because I’ve gone to very few parties in general. Ahem. But after the countdown, I happily received a phone call from Em, Moon Unit, and Moon Unit’s friend Zaktrik. They’re in EST, so they had an hour and a half to spare for chatting, which was very fun. Though I’m afraid, due to the hour, I wasn’t very coherent. *offers apologies*

Something that I forgot to mention, is that PT was home for Christmas, and then his GF came to visit for several days afterwards. I chiefly forgot to mention it because it was so natural to have them around. They’re both very fun people. And I’m not just saying that becuase PT’s my brother. 😀
Seeing the date, I suppose this is the time for me to offer up some New Year’s Resolutions, eh?
  1. I have eight grand left on my debt, and I’d like to have that gone by the time I’ve been at my new job a year. Yes, that works out to a grand a month, with one month’s leeway. 
  2. Finish Expendables! I want to get that story out of my head, and one edit done. At least fix the chronological issues, for example.
  3. Get into some kind of shape other than couch potato, and stay in that non-potato shape.
  4. Oh, and work on being contented where God has placed me. I need to learn to stop fretting to be somewhere else; if God wanted me to be in another place, I’d be there. 😀
That’s the only things that come to mind, but I think they’ll be challenging enough to try and pull off. 

"What are you doing here all by your eyelashes?"

Christmas is over, and I’m STILL tired. That may be attributable to the fact that I didn’t have coffee yet today, though. Hmmmmm…. 

Anyhow, Christmas. We had what was quite possible the most lavish and epic Christmas I have ever been witness too. We started at 8:00 am, with the unwrapping. And we went until 11:00 am, then took a half hour break for breakfast. The unwrapping commenced again, and continued till 1:30 pm, when we broke for lunch. After a long lunch, and some staring at the wall, we started again at 3:30 pm. We finished the unwrapping at 5:00 pm. Now, for some families that may be normal, but not this one. It took at LEAST twice as long as normal. People have been so incredibly generous, it just boggles the mind. 
So unwrapping took most of the day. Then PT, the Walrus, Fraulein and I watched Walrus’s new movie Transformers in the evening. It was a fun film, so long as I completely suspended all disbelief relating to the Military, and Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community, and how Relationships work. Oh, and massive transforming intelligent robots/vehicles. I mean, the SECRETARY OF DEFENSE was running things? And buddy broke an audio signal just by putting a thumb drive containing it in his computer? Blink, heartbeat heartbeat, and we’re seeing all these massive secrets-Right, suspension of disbelief. SUSPEND… *big grin* The Walrus really liked it though, and I thought it was fun, so twas all good. Oh and Moonunit called for 20 minutes, which was terribly jolly. It put me in a good mood. 😀
And now today I’ve spent most of the day sleeping, so I should really work on looking alive and going for a walk or something.

"That was a very interesting sentence until you finished it."

I made it back unscathed! Pretty much. I did live through five hours in the Avalon Mall though, so who knows what lasting mental damage that may have inflicted. Then on Sunday I got to go to Ms. B’s and PT’s and PT’s GF’s Church, which was fun. They said their third largest budgetary expense, after the building and the pastor, was coffee. My Kind Of People! The music was very Pentecostal, but they seemed since, which I can respect. And there was a guest speaker, so I’m not quite sure what the teaching actually is like. But there also was a potluck afterwards, which was scrummy. Hurrah for free food! Oh, and PT and his GF were walking downtown to see the christmas parade, so I had to take my things out of the car and bring them back to the church, where I was being picked up. However, the church is downtown, so they lock the doors after normal service hours. Which led to me being locked out of a church, and hammering lightly on the doors. 😀 I mainly sat on my suitcase and waited for someone to come out, but there definitely was a little bit of beating on the door going on. Then they let me in and I had chocolate cake, so it was all good.

On, on the first night I was wearing a pashmina, for grace and the fact that I can hid under it of anyone looks at me. Then when I went up to get coffee a lady looked at me and said; “What you’re wearing looks nice! It looks like you’re wearing a tablecloth, but on you it looks good!” 😀

And a quote from PT’s GF. “You know today is the first day of Advent? That means today is going to be a day for Extraordinary things.”

Last night Fraulein and I watched Prince Caspian! Since we are avid Narnian Fan girls, we’ve been waiting impatiently for it to come out on DVD. We don’t have a theatre in town, remember? And it was fun. We decided that Peter is generally an idiot, and Susan doubly so. Seriously woman, what is with the leather corset with buckles and such? ISH. And the whole kissing Caspian in front of the crowd, and “you might want to call me sometime-” *facepalm* However, Edmund and Lucy were marvelous, and we love the mice. 😀 “You are a mouse.” I’m still a little if-ish about Miraz and the Telmarines. The whole story was so very far from the book that you have to divide your brain into two stories for the book and the movie. And I’m not sure if the Telmarines are scary or simply a mindless horde of spanish men. I’ll have to watch it again with a critical eye. 😀

In other news, I’m technically done with Nano now. So I suppose I have to try and break the habit of spending every possible moment on my laptop. *sigh* I know you’re weeping for my sad plight. 😛 But first I just have to read some of the shiny NanoNovels my genius internet friends wrote.

Time in town…

I’m in St. John’s! Hurrah for the big city!

I got a ride in with a friend’s family, which was very nice of them. It was also rather amusing, because myself and an 16 year old boy were sharing the back seat. He stumbled out of the house at seven in the morning, clutching a pillow, and saw me. *stares* So the pillow went in between us two, and we both leaned on opposite windows and slept. *thumb up*
I’m staying with Ms. B for the weekend, so once we got into town I was dropped off at her house, and got a tour… It’s a nice apartment. 😀 She has a balcony and everything. 
OH, and we ate out in the college food court, which is very college-y. You know, people behind the count who don’t really care, straws on the floor, everything tastes like fridge, and people my age. Oh, and half the people are guys, which is just strange and unsettling. 
(And by the way, interspersed between all this is watching of Firefly; we’re going through the series. Some moments are totally matchy, and some ver ver awful- put a quilt over your head AND stick your fingers in your ears. )
Mmmmm, then PT and PT’s GF came by, and we went out to Tims! Coffee and tea all round, and various munchables. PT’s GF is very cute. And sweet. And tiny. And giggly. And despite that description, I do actually like her. 😛 She and PT are really cute together. They do hold hands a lot, though. And seeing your little brother kiss anyone, even on the cheek, is traumatizing any time when the little brother is over the age of four.
Then, at 9:00, we all went out downtown- to a church coffee house. There was free music and coffee! MARVELOUS! My Classical Pianist brother, bless his shiny heart, thought the music was too loud. Just because he couldn’t hear himself talk. Sheesh. I thought it was pretty good though. The first act was really good, just a man and a guitar. I recognized a couple of Johnny cash songs, and quite a few I would liked to have been able to identify but wasn’t. Then there was a band which showed a lot of promise for the first minute of intro to their first song, and then repeated the intro with variations for forty minutes. They were all first year engineering students, however, so I suppose I’ll forgive them. After the first years came a more established band, which is well known in the “christian scene.” At least, the players are well known, I”m not sure about the band unit its self. Despite having The St. John’s Sound and a lead singer who couldn’t find the pocket in a pair of cargo pants, they were pretty good. If you’re playing John Mayer, a decent guitar player makes up for much. Side note; I approve of well- played guitars in general. 

"Did I mention I know almost everything about almost everything?"

I’m been such a sporadic blogger of late. I think that is because I have no time sense. It’s true. There is an event, and another event, and they float disconnected in a sea of rushed images and words. I navigate by landmarks of memory, phrases and scenes that stick in my memory. This is especially odd, since I have a good memory, but if you ask me how long a thing has taken or will take, the odds are pretty good I will have no clue. The only way I know is if I work the math and count back from a number I have, whether that is a time or a date. Of course, this may be how everyone works. 😀 

Well, I went for a lovely long walk on Saturday. 11.7 km, in fact. My legs were about to seize up when I got home. But I did get some very nice pictures, which I will post sometime in the future. Oh, and PT may be bringing his Girl Friend home for Christmas, which should be fun! 
I see another reason I didn’t post. A signal lack of things to talk about. 😀 
But I did make pork barbecue in the slow cooker, which was a success. Also, we’re going to have a working shower tomorrow evening at five pm. For the first time in three weeks.