We’re graduates now, does this mean we have to be mature?

The graduation! Third World’s parents came over and drove her, Moon Unit, and Myself over to the church at 3. Unfortunately, no one had sent out any kind of information email, so none of the students really knew quite what was going on. We were directed to put on our awesome robes, so we did, and then we went outside, and progressed up the aisle of the church, all in typical Augustine “act like you know what you’re doing and maybe no one will notice that your shoes don’t match” style. Then, as is traditional for graduation ceremonies, I hear, there were speeches, by Dr. Tingley and Texas in our case, and the presentation of certificates. It was my first graduation ceremony I’ve been in or attended, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I think it was good. Moon Unit said we looked like a murder of crows, which was jolly.

Then we had an excellent dinner, and chatted away. None of my family was able to make it, so I sat with Third World’s family, which was also jolly. Come to think of it, my family would have taken up two tables all to ourselves, and there was NO room for more tables in that hall. Everything works out for some good! So, we chatted for, well, three hours. There were people, (mainly professors,) making the rounds of the hall and talking to each of the tables. The professors especially were saying really nice things about all the students.

All through the evening, there were good-byes going on. It tended to give the evening a rather surreal quality, at least for me. I tend to not really process the fact that I won’t see certain people again. Instead, I just enter an artificial state where I smile a lot, and am emotionally neutral. This was helped by the fact that a lot of people looked different, all dressed up. Moon Unit had her hair up, and Third World had her hair down and straight. I kept not recognizing them in my peripheral vision, and then belatedly realizing that it was my friends who were sitting and standing there.

Anyhow, after the meal was over, we went out and sang Karaoke. This had been decided upon by the elders of the class, and they were able to say, “everyone is coming, and it’s the last night!” Everyone came, and everyone, pretty much, sang. Though, some people, (us), had faulty directions and were looking on the wrong side of the street for a while. But we all go there in the end! Moon Unit sang Janis Joplin, and Third World sang Nickleback, and I, fool that I am, sang Train. Yes, I sang. *cringes at the memory* I have been told that I was on beat and on pitch, though, which retains for me the last vestiges of my dignity. And before you ask, I had drunk only root beer. 😀

It was just the last night, and only my classmates were paying attention… I have decided that I am not a fan of bars. It was noisy, and there were people drinking alcohol, (fancy that), and people I didn’t know getting awfully cuddly. *shudders* My personal dislike of bars aside, it was a fun event. And, it was so noisy and impersonal that we couldn’t get too maudlin about parting, which was a plus.

Third World’s parents, who are lovely, were still driving us around, and they dropped Moon Unit and I off at the College, before returning with Third World to the hotel. They were flying back to Oregon at 8 the next morning, and so had to leave for the airport at 5 in the morning. So Moon Unit and I said good bye to Third World in the front yard, at 11:30 at night. I’m missing her a lot. Anyhow, I waved her out of sight down the street, as is my tradition for farewells; you wave until what you are bidding farewell is utterly out of sight. Moon Unit, who was Third World’s room mate (I have to use the past tense now, bah), didn’t want to sleep in the empty room, so she used Rach’s bed, as Rach had left earlier in the day.

Then Moon Unit packed up all her things the next morning, and she left in the afternoon. I waved her out of sight too. RM will be here till Wednesday, which is nice. Em is leaving today.

I’ve kept myself busy on the computer all day, but know I’m missing people already. Mainly because I know that we most likely won’t see each other again at the same time this side of heaven, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to see even a few of my lovely classmates. The missing will get worse, and then it will get better, I know this. We have the internet, and mail, and phone! yeah!

þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg. as that passed over, so will this

Also, I get to see my family the day after tomorrow, which is tremendously exciting! *cheers*

"At this time of year, what with marking papers and exams, I was thinking, as one so often does, on grace…"

One left. Only one exam left.

I should be happy about this, but I still feel physically ill from the Scriptures exam. My hands are numb. I have never felt so bad after an exam in my life. I’ve been saying, about my exams, “well, nothing has made me cry yet,” but if I was ever to cry over an exam it would be about that one. I bombed so badly. I can’t talk well about theology ever, and that paper was no exception.

ANYWAYS! I got through music without too much issue. There were questions I was iffy on, but I knew the majority. Even listening I got through without major panic. All thanks must go to Third World and Moon Unit though, for that, who just kept going over the music clips over and over again, and making/letting me memorize them. I still wasn’t good, but I was able to put a name on half the pieces, I think, and an era on everything.

Have you ever noticed what adrenaline does to the body? It’s quite interesting. I wasn’t emotionally scared yesterday, but the adrenaline was definitely going. I was sitting and reading a fun book to try and relax before the exam and looked at the clock. It was ten minute to class, and totally without warning my breathing sped up, my heart rate went up, and I went analytical and noted this all. Then in the exam, I felt perfectly normal, but happened to touch my chest, and my heart was going like a trip hammer. I could feel my heartbeat when I touched my collarbone! And; (random side story) Rach scared me while I was reading earlier in the week and my eyesight sharpened. It was very odd.

Then this morning was literature, which was painful. We hadn’t had a test from this professor yet, so no one know what to expect, and we weren’t disappointed. I really don’t know how I did though. I answered all three questions, but I really don’t know what he was looking for. I don’t have very much experience with exams at all, and I’m not sure I know how to write them. EDIT: I do know, however, that I got halfway through my big essay and realized that I had just disproved my thesis, so I had to frantically rewrite. Fun times 😛

I also don’t have much experience in attending classes I don’t like, which is perhaps why I failed so badly on the scriptures exam. I can usually find something to get at least mildly interested in in any class, but this one- no. I mean, I though I didn’t like math in high school. In retrospect, I loved math. I thought I didn’t like writing. I adored it. I thought I didn’t like my papers this term. They were enjoyable. I thought I didn’t like the art exam. It was fun. Now I know what not liking an activity is, and that is the Scripture exam I just hacked my way through.

OH, and to forestall those people who will tell me, “you didn’t do that bad…” I was to write three essays, which are traditionally two pages each. I wrote one which was two pages, and it achieved that by being mainly comprised of quotes. The other two essays were less than a page each, and a total “scraping the bottom of the barrel” in terms of content. No, scratch that, this is where you beat the barrel apart to try to get at the tiny fragments of content that are stuck in the crevices between the rotten slabs of fumbling that make up the barrel.

That was so REMARKABLY bad. We’re talking a new section in the annals of abysmal exams. Above-the-fold, front page, in the Fumbling Times. Full alert with picture sent out to all those anywhere who attempt to stop idiocy. Full quarantine necessary to stop the incomprehension from infecting unsuspecting bystanders and dragging them down to a lingering painful death.

*sigh* I am going to go out and buy an extra large coffee, and try to study for the 8:30am oral exam I have tomorrow.


In 16 hours I am going to be all done with exams. *smiles*

Great Excitiment involving Grocery Stores

No, there wasn’t actually much excitement, I just felt like saying that.

I went shopping, along with Third World, Rach, Rach’s Other Half, and Moon Unit. When we got to the grocery store Third World and I took one cart, and Rach and her Other Half took another, and Moon unit roved between the two parties. I got flour, so now I can make bread! w00t!

In actual true fact, I got 22lbs of flour, which is where any possible excitement comes in. We were planning on getting a delivery, so our car was buying in bulk. A full cart. Including canned goods and a 22lb bag of flour, as previously mentioned. (I was slightly tramatised by the bag of flour, which weighed 22lbs, if I forgot to mention it.)

As we were heading down the last aisle, what should come over the speaker but an announcement saying :

It’s five o clock and our delivery service is over for the day. Thank you for shopping with us!

I was not exceptionally pleased.

However, our lovely checkout lady said that the groceries could be put in the cooler and delivered first run tomorrow morning. *huge sigh of relief*

Tomorrow is the talent show. Due to my disinclination to inflict my lack of performance talents on my classmates, I’m helping set up and serving refreshments. It should be really fun.

Life in the Big City

I’m quite enjoying myself now back at College. I met RM, Moon-Unit and Third World in the Kitchen on Sunday, and it was basically as though we had never left. Chatting away right away. It is us four who constitute Augustine Munitions, I have decided. (We’re the bomb! : )

We dove right in with a discussion of freewill on Monday in Philosophy, which was very hard, but interesting! I tell myself that I will not totally enjoy any of the classes this week, and after I am adjusted it will be better. And yet, I am already enjoying the classes, so this bodes well for the year to come.

We had a painful lecture on the relationship between God and Reason in Art class, (Tuesday.) Namely, that choosing between them is a false dichotomy. For me God is reasonable. He invented reason. He is reason. However, for the med students and Public schooled people in the class, this involved a bunch of mental re-jigging. It was mainly painful, come to think of it, because I had seen the art that we will cover when we get to the Renaissance, and I wanted to see what the Prof was going to say about them. We didn’t really cover any art. Next week…

Then we had Dr Patrick’s class on Tuesday, and that was Quite interesting. He gave an overview of what we will cover, talked about our papers, and then talked about… Sexuality. Dr. Patrick tackles all the topics no one else really wants to touch; except really I don’t have a problem visualizing any of my profs discussing “Dr. Patrick’s topics”. Maybe, the topics the students don’t want to touch. It was actually a very interesting/useful lecture though, despite the high proportion of “I really wish I wasn’t here right now” moments. Dr. Patrick asking Lamd how long it took for guys to be ready for sex? *yucky dance!* Moon-unit and I were sitting across from each other, and we hid our heads in our hands in unison. By the end of the class I was picturing ice cubes being dropped down my back in an effort to keep a straight face. Yes, Dr. Patrick is back with a vengence!

For Book Club this term we are reading The four loves, by C. S. Lewis, which I am really enjoying. I think I should make an effort to read more Lewis, because I really like the book. Em is leading the discussion as well, which is cool.

Let me see, we also had Latin class on Wednesday, of which the history discussion of Cataline and Agustus was excellent, and the quiz was excruciating. *pulls a veil over the quiz* Let’s not talk about that.

Music on Wednesday was fun. I’m adjusted fairly well to Prof Warren’s style now, and even enjoy his side excursions up and down the sides of music history. We talked about Bach and Handel.

Prof W. He wrote the music for the Royal Fireworks, but unfortunately the fireworks went wrong. They blew up. *pauses to consider several tons of fireworks going off together* The music survived though!

That is still not my favourite class, but it is certainly becoming fun.

Now today we had literature class. Professor Tucker is essentially cool, and I really enjoyed it. We got the verdict on our fiction pieces everyone was so worried over. *tears hair methodically* Everyone was in the eighties, except for Rach, who got a 95! I could very easily let myself become jealous of that mark, because I know she worked on it for a week and I worked on mine for at least three weeks – only hers was very very good. Prof Tucker read it aloud and I was entirely sucked in. She certainly has the gift of words. In addition to money, looks, brains, artistic talent, musical talent, acting talent and a boyfriend. *dead silence*

However, by the Grace of God I don’t mind. My God is Able. I wouldn’t want her life, (mine is better, : ) and she is nice. Besides, Prof. Tucker said he was discussing my writing style with Dr. Patrick (!) and they agreed I have “incredible breadth of diction.” I had to look that up. *sheepish*


1. style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction.

Diction usually implies a high level of usage; it refers chiefly to the choice of words, their arrangement, and the force, accuracy, and distinction with which they are used: The speaker was distinguished for his excellent diction; poetic diction.

Now if only I can keep that up into this term…

Scriptures class was this afternoon, and my patience was GONE. For no real reason, it just disappeared while I was boiling the kettle for tea. No, that’s a lie. It disappeared during a discussion of Christmas in Lit. I was reminded forcibly that I come from a different income bracket than many of my classmates. There was nothing really annoying there, just the calm assumption that everyone would have, more money than I think I do. I kept my mouth shut, made myself tea, and had no patience when Scriptures class rolled around. Hmmmm

It wasn’t that bad. I took class notes, and made a list of what Air Canada has lost me. They still haven’t found my luggage, so I’m calling them tomorrow to talk about repayment. Just inside my head, it looks as though I might possibley be able to live off the money for the rest of the term. I don’t really need new clothes, so if after re-buying my books I have $500 I’ll be living well! We’ll see.

Then today I went to the Met! I wasn’t really interested, but I told myself sternly that I had to get outside the Augustine Bubble, and went. It was quite good! They’re talking about love for the next five weeks, which dovetails neatly with The Four Loves, so I’m definitely going at least that long. The singing was nice, though there wasn’t much passion! Come on people, get your body language into this at least! You look like you’re standing in a Customs line-up! I rocked it out for “better is one day,” which I didn’t realize I was familiar with. I just knew it was not to be sung in a lacklustre way, and didn’t. No dancing, never fear, but I had my head going. : ) Passion, People! It won’t hurt much to act like you believe it!

The sermon was interesting. I kept seeing “logical errors”, and then realizing that they were not actually, he just hadn’t explained himself first. I’ve been spoiled with Class discussion, my Profs, and my Dad! Then after there was coffee downstairs. I fear I may have been rude unintentially. I was getting some chocolate and overheard three men having a discussion of free will. I thought, “Philosophy! I have ammunition! I just read On Grace and Free Will!” So I stood there and listened openly for five minutes. By this time the discussion had shrunk to two men. THEN, when one guy was saying that he didn’t like the idea of irresistible grace I jumped in with the idea of an entirely corrupted will. Total depravity, only I didn’t put it in that way, since that phrase seems to elicit a knee-jerk response from some people. At any rate, I commented only one other time, and the discussion ended. The two men walked away, and I realized that maybe jumping into other people’s theological discussions without so much as a prior name-exchange might not be the best idea. Oops. Again, I’ve been spoiled by Class discussions. However, the man who was arguing for irresistible grace is in a leadership position in the church, so that quiets some of the lingering uneasiness I had about the theology. It should be fun.

Now this weekend I have to read 22 pages of Aquinas, learn the three perfect tenses in four conjugations of Latin, translate 12 sentences of Latin, read the 10th book of Paradise Lost, and read Lilith. Easy! Oh, I also have to buttonhole Air Canada. The weekend suddenly looks challenging. Just breathe, and One Day at a Time!

My God is able.