This is the test of true character; if you can not loose it while they unload the plane.

I’m back on the Rock!

The whole trip went amazingly smoothly. (and now we discover what I call a “smooth” flight.)

I am definitely flying West Jet if I possibly can in the future. RM drove me out to the airport, and I checked in, and then found that my carry on was too heavy. They’re topped off at 22lbs, and mine was 17 overweight. Heh heh heh. So I repacked in the airport lobby, borrowing a nice lot of tape, and then promenaded off to my gate with a very light bag. Security went smooth as silk, and the flight its self was unremarkable. Though the couple in the seat next to me DID hold hands for the entire trip, which was kind of interesting.

Anyhow, I landed in Halifax, waited a while got on the plane, waited while they loaded more bags, (this delayed us 30 minutes), and landed in St. John’s! The flight was one that had come form Edmonton, and it was mainly full of people who had been in their seats since 6am in Edmonton. When we landed in Newfoundland at 11:10 local time, all the seat belts opened in about 2 seconds. SnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapSTANDUP. That was where my title came from- an overheard comment from the back of the plane.

PT and Daddy were there to meet me, which was very jolly. PT had to go straight back to his house, but it was excellent to see him again. He’s such a man. 😛 Then Daddy and I went to the hotel he and Mommy rent while in St. John’s, and I passed out. There was a breif interlude where I tried to keep from tossing around and disturbing Daddy, but then I gave that up as hopeless and conked out.

5 hours later we were up and headed to the Janeway to see Gid and Mommy. Mommy had spent the night with Gid, by the by. It was very good to see them both, and then I got on the bus to Home! My parents are awesome, pretty much. *glee*

So, I pretty much went into a coma for the bus ride, and then on arriving I took a taxi home. It was funny, since the Taxi driver knew me by sight from when I worked at Tim Hortons 2 years ago, and he knew where I wanted to go without being asked. I’m back in my ain Countrie!

And… the library is closing. (the internet is down at home) Write more later, I shall.


"What you should be worrying about… is your Eyebrows!"

I’ll just say, the weather here is marvelous. I went through a couple of days of feeling not at all comfortable without a chill in the air, or a coat on, but now I’ve remembered what warm weather is like. Such a strange thing. *shakes head*

I’ll be flying home on next Tuesday- West Jet. Yes, I took an extra two days in Ottawa, including a day when I am the only student left in the College, in an effort to avoid flying Air Canada. Here is the plan of my time in the intervening space.

  • to do:
    • Monday
      • Move Computer files to Portable hard Drive
      • Write thank you letter for College
      • pack shipping boxes
    • Tuesday
      • Deep-clean house
    • Wednesday
      • Lord of the Rings Marathon!
    • Thursday
      • oral exam
    • Friday
      • Mailing boxes and Sally Ann
    • Saturday
      • Grad
    • Sunday
      • church
    • Monday
      • donate blood
    • Tuesday
      • Fly home

Looks doable, no? *nods* I can do this! Oh, and sometime in there, I need to do some birthday present acquisition for the four brothers who are having birthdays in my absence. Right. “You know I’m a poor student who has no conception of money?….”

[note: navel-gazing type musings follow. read at your own risk.]
And on a completely different tack, Third World, Moon Unit and I were discussing public school and its probable effect on us. We pretty much agreed that Moon Unit and Third World would have been the same people had they gone through Public School, but that I wouldn’t be the same. Quote: “You’d either be a total follower, or completely outcast.” I agree, really. I could see myself going in about 8 different directions, none of them positive. In thinking about this, I had two reactions, one positive and one, not.

On the one hand, I’m really glad that my parents kept me out of Public School for that reason. While it would have been interesting to see how I turned out, it would be interesting in about the same way that it is interesting to see what colours of mold grow on the unidentifiable things in the back of the fridge. Sick fascination.

On the other hand, the not-so-positive one, it doesn’t make me very confident for the future. Oh joy, I have so little of my own personality that I can’t be trusted to go out in public. My powers of self-delusion seem to be exceptional. What if I was to go to a College or University outside of the house? Would I lose myself then too? Do I even have my own personality, or am I such a social chameleon that I just take on the interests of the people I’m surrounded by? (protective coloring, right.) Will I EVER be able to stand on my own?

I don’t see it being much of an issue once I return home, cause, in all honesty, I really don’t see the potential for friends outside of my family. The high schoolers in my small town are all scared of me anyways, and they’re all obsessed with topics I mercifully am not interested in; namely, high school marks and the high school drama of the moment. People over High school age are either gone off to university, and therefore in a higher social bracket than I, or moving in crowds where I have no experience and don’t want any. The hard-drinking Fort Mac crowd? No, thank you. I don’t even know most of the words, much less how to communicate. 😛 That leaves people over the age of 30, who are nice to me, but not really friends, and my family. Moreover, my brother PT has now moved out on his own, which cuts my social scene significantly. Seriously significantly. If you include my parents, it cuts it by a quarter.

Okay, maybe I’m being overly pessimistic. Who knows, maybe there’ll be some interesting, intelligent, safe, and not-scared-of-me people near my age in town when I get back. Or maybe I’m drawing the lines too thick, and I can be friends with people who I already am acquainted with. Or maybe I’ll just have friends online for the foreseeable future.

My, but I’m not looking forward to leaving Third World and Moon Unit. I do think I am myself with them, whoever that is. {Totally insane, and likes books!} Moon Unit has been going home on weekends so I’m partially used to her not being here, but Third World and I have been basically in each other’s constant company since January. *cries* I hung out with RM a lot last term, but she started moving on to other friends in November, and even earlier we didn’t do much together: Baking and talking, and occasional Latin. Third World and I wrote novels together, for heaven’s sake. I haven’t had such a close friend who I wasn’t related to since I was 6. Bah, why does Oregon have to be 5.5 time zones and another country away anyways? For goodness sake, the nearest people I would be able to visit, (those who make it to St. X’s in Cape Breton) would be at least 500 dollars to even get to the mainland, and then you have accommodation and food costs. Bah humbug.

Yeah, so, the weather here is nice, I’m having a low grade identity crisis, am I even a person? I’m not looking forward to splitting up from my friends, and aside from those minor stresses, and the family members who are hospitalized, I’m doing fine.

I just have to remember, I can’t see the future. I can always make what’s coming seem bleaker than it actually is. Even when it’s worse than I foresaw, it’s always easier to bear than I think it will be.

Right, I can’t see the future.

Just breathe.

"Sugar is not good for you." "But it tastes so good!"

Well, I had something planned to say, but then I ate a lot of sugary things, and now my brain is gone.

As further proof of my insanity, I’ve agreed to participate in a thing called “Right here, Write now,” (Or maybe it is “Write here, Right now.” Hmmm) You write a thousand words a day for the month of February. Should be fun! Particularly cause Third World and Moon Unit are doing it with me. I thought to myself: Hey self! You have way too much free time, and you’re way too social. You should do something to remedy that! So I came up with this plan. Pretty special, I though.

Moon Unit is presently phone counselling a friend, RM is off at a friend’s house, and Third World has accompanied Em to Chapters. Pshaw! those people with money! Money is for noobes! (quote)

I really need to not eat that much sugar at a sitting. *cries* *falls asleep*

I have come to the conclusion that my life is pretty much devoid of ~drama~, which is much simpler, but cuts down on conversation topics.

I’ve been to the mountains, left my tracks in the snow…

It was his particular kick at the can. Not that you should ever kick cans. Lovely creatures.

This is what I heard my music prof say in music class today. (Insert cat for can and it makes a bit more sense.) Fun times though.

Hmm. I have an inkling that I’ve entered the February blues two days early. Not so fun.

Anyhow! Third World had her birthday on Sunday, and Moon Unit turned 18 today, so we’re having a low grade party all week. Presents are trickling in from Third World’s American friends who aren’t really understanding how much of a slowdown customs is. “I want mail…” Heh hehe heh

Moon Unit’s friends are also sending her things… Her dad works in town, and he stopped by today with flowers. Roses and snapdragons. *smile* It was very cute.

Ha, Third World also had flowers sent her, but that was from a friend at home. He, (yes, he) arranged for them to be delivered on Saturday. We had fun with that. It seems he’s just enough of a crazy kind of guy to think up a present like that. (hmm, this is the kind of friend Third world attracts. Insane! However, I’m friends with Third World. What does that say about me? *snazel runs off screaming*)

ahem. Here are some lovely pictures from our Sunday skating party.

RM and Third World tie up Third World’s boots. I tell you. 20 ft of nylon rope comes is handy all the time!

Star! (carrying her boots by means of shoelaces)

“Let’s just think about this a moment.” (note the boots)

“I’ll push you. Just glide! Glide!”

After the crash… (Poor Third World is still bruised, what with the boots kicking her in the side, and the crash(s).*sympathy* )
Pressing onwards!

Myself, in front of an official entrance to the canal.

Star! (waiting for RM and Third World to change skates)


Only in Ottawa?

Looking up the canal.

They had blocked off the canal for unspecified safely reasons. So we had to turn around here.

RM had a ball! She’s the most city of us all, and was entranced with the idea of skating outside. : )

I hear there are beavertails on the other side of this crowd…


Yummy! A good end to a good day.

Got to go do philosophy now.

I’ll just say, I’m not totally thrilled with the assignment this week. Because there was a *cough* discussion of free will, we spent an extra week on Aquinas. In addition to having a three-hour class on Monday. Now to get back on schedule we’re doing Luther and Machiavelli in one week.

[whine] I like Machiavelli! I wanted to see what my prof would say about him! We had a whole week on him in the schedule! Now we’re hardly gonna touch him cause of Luther![/whine]

Now we also have both assignements in one week. We are to say whether Luther agrees with Augustine in “On Grace and Free Will”, with reference to both of Luther’s excerpts that we read and “On Grace and Free Will”. One page. We are also to state WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH MACHIAVELLI! *tired* With reference to the text. In a half or one page.*very tired*

I am supposed to find the flaws in a philosopher that has shaped the way western politics are run for the past five centuries.
*groan* *pain* *crying*

In addition to bringing up Free will again. *abject weeping*

I think I need some chocolate.

Pray without ceasing

My classmates and I have just held a prayer service for Gid. It was interesting, cause RM, who is Catholic, made up a prayer service with read prayers. We read out the prayers and then did an “improvisational” session. *smile* Some of the written prayers I really liked. Some others not so much… but she apportioned them out well, so no one read a prayer they didn’t agree with theologically. I feel very blessed that all of my classmates would agree to come to this, and then most of them would pray personally. I’m in a good place.

On a completely different subject; Third World and I have agreed to write a 50,000 word story in the month of May. After our exams are all over. I write this down so that it may shame me into writing in May. And yes, the title is quite applicable to this part of the post as well.

Meh, it’s too hot in here. Some intelligent person decided to put the thermostat in the classroom at 25, instead of the normal 20, or the evening 15. *melting* I’ll be witty some other time.

Or not, it all depends.

This is what happens after philosphy class.

20 minutes ago, the guys decided to have a snowball fight in the kitchen. As they only had one pie pan of snow the fight quickly degenerated into two of the boys trying to drag another one outside. He was hanging onto the wall mounted coat rack with hands and feet, while the others were hitting him in the stomach to make him let go. The girls just stood there and stared disapprovingly at them until they stopped.

And now RM and Camper are doing Algebra on the blackboard, for fun. For FUN!

Life in the Big City

I’m quite enjoying myself now back at College. I met RM, Moon-Unit and Third World in the Kitchen on Sunday, and it was basically as though we had never left. Chatting away right away. It is us four who constitute Augustine Munitions, I have decided. (We’re the bomb! : )

We dove right in with a discussion of freewill on Monday in Philosophy, which was very hard, but interesting! I tell myself that I will not totally enjoy any of the classes this week, and after I am adjusted it will be better. And yet, I am already enjoying the classes, so this bodes well for the year to come.

We had a painful lecture on the relationship between God and Reason in Art class, (Tuesday.) Namely, that choosing between them is a false dichotomy. For me God is reasonable. He invented reason. He is reason. However, for the med students and Public schooled people in the class, this involved a bunch of mental re-jigging. It was mainly painful, come to think of it, because I had seen the art that we will cover when we get to the Renaissance, and I wanted to see what the Prof was going to say about them. We didn’t really cover any art. Next week…

Then we had Dr Patrick’s class on Tuesday, and that was Quite interesting. He gave an overview of what we will cover, talked about our papers, and then talked about… Sexuality. Dr. Patrick tackles all the topics no one else really wants to touch; except really I don’t have a problem visualizing any of my profs discussing “Dr. Patrick’s topics”. Maybe, the topics the students don’t want to touch. It was actually a very interesting/useful lecture though, despite the high proportion of “I really wish I wasn’t here right now” moments. Dr. Patrick asking Lamd how long it took for guys to be ready for sex? *yucky dance!* Moon-unit and I were sitting across from each other, and we hid our heads in our hands in unison. By the end of the class I was picturing ice cubes being dropped down my back in an effort to keep a straight face. Yes, Dr. Patrick is back with a vengence!

For Book Club this term we are reading The four loves, by C. S. Lewis, which I am really enjoying. I think I should make an effort to read more Lewis, because I really like the book. Em is leading the discussion as well, which is cool.

Let me see, we also had Latin class on Wednesday, of which the history discussion of Cataline and Agustus was excellent, and the quiz was excruciating. *pulls a veil over the quiz* Let’s not talk about that.

Music on Wednesday was fun. I’m adjusted fairly well to Prof Warren’s style now, and even enjoy his side excursions up and down the sides of music history. We talked about Bach and Handel.

Prof W. He wrote the music for the Royal Fireworks, but unfortunately the fireworks went wrong. They blew up. *pauses to consider several tons of fireworks going off together* The music survived though!

That is still not my favourite class, but it is certainly becoming fun.

Now today we had literature class. Professor Tucker is essentially cool, and I really enjoyed it. We got the verdict on our fiction pieces everyone was so worried over. *tears hair methodically* Everyone was in the eighties, except for Rach, who got a 95! I could very easily let myself become jealous of that mark, because I know she worked on it for a week and I worked on mine for at least three weeks – only hers was very very good. Prof Tucker read it aloud and I was entirely sucked in. She certainly has the gift of words. In addition to money, looks, brains, artistic talent, musical talent, acting talent and a boyfriend. *dead silence*

However, by the Grace of God I don’t mind. My God is Able. I wouldn’t want her life, (mine is better, : ) and she is nice. Besides, Prof. Tucker said he was discussing my writing style with Dr. Patrick (!) and they agreed I have “incredible breadth of diction.” I had to look that up. *sheepish*


1. style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction.

Diction usually implies a high level of usage; it refers chiefly to the choice of words, their arrangement, and the force, accuracy, and distinction with which they are used: The speaker was distinguished for his excellent diction; poetic diction.

Now if only I can keep that up into this term…

Scriptures class was this afternoon, and my patience was GONE. For no real reason, it just disappeared while I was boiling the kettle for tea. No, that’s a lie. It disappeared during a discussion of Christmas in Lit. I was reminded forcibly that I come from a different income bracket than many of my classmates. There was nothing really annoying there, just the calm assumption that everyone would have, more money than I think I do. I kept my mouth shut, made myself tea, and had no patience when Scriptures class rolled around. Hmmmm

It wasn’t that bad. I took class notes, and made a list of what Air Canada has lost me. They still haven’t found my luggage, so I’m calling them tomorrow to talk about repayment. Just inside my head, it looks as though I might possibley be able to live off the money for the rest of the term. I don’t really need new clothes, so if after re-buying my books I have $500 I’ll be living well! We’ll see.

Then today I went to the Met! I wasn’t really interested, but I told myself sternly that I had to get outside the Augustine Bubble, and went. It was quite good! They’re talking about love for the next five weeks, which dovetails neatly with The Four Loves, so I’m definitely going at least that long. The singing was nice, though there wasn’t much passion! Come on people, get your body language into this at least! You look like you’re standing in a Customs line-up! I rocked it out for “better is one day,” which I didn’t realize I was familiar with. I just knew it was not to be sung in a lacklustre way, and didn’t. No dancing, never fear, but I had my head going. : ) Passion, People! It won’t hurt much to act like you believe it!

The sermon was interesting. I kept seeing “logical errors”, and then realizing that they were not actually, he just hadn’t explained himself first. I’ve been spoiled with Class discussion, my Profs, and my Dad! Then after there was coffee downstairs. I fear I may have been rude unintentially. I was getting some chocolate and overheard three men having a discussion of free will. I thought, “Philosophy! I have ammunition! I just read On Grace and Free Will!” So I stood there and listened openly for five minutes. By this time the discussion had shrunk to two men. THEN, when one guy was saying that he didn’t like the idea of irresistible grace I jumped in with the idea of an entirely corrupted will. Total depravity, only I didn’t put it in that way, since that phrase seems to elicit a knee-jerk response from some people. At any rate, I commented only one other time, and the discussion ended. The two men walked away, and I realized that maybe jumping into other people’s theological discussions without so much as a prior name-exchange might not be the best idea. Oops. Again, I’ve been spoiled by Class discussions. However, the man who was arguing for irresistible grace is in a leadership position in the church, so that quiets some of the lingering uneasiness I had about the theology. It should be fun.

Now this weekend I have to read 22 pages of Aquinas, learn the three perfect tenses in four conjugations of Latin, translate 12 sentences of Latin, read the 10th book of Paradise Lost, and read Lilith. Easy! Oh, I also have to buttonhole Air Canada. The weekend suddenly looks challenging. Just breathe, and One Day at a Time!

My God is able.