My Capital is prettier than your Capital.

Right, as promised, here are the pics from my walk behind Parliament on Saturday. I actually don’t know the names of most of the buildings here, so they are without explanation.


A Saturday expedenture in Ottawa

Third World and I went on a walk through Ottawa, armed. We shot things with our cameras. It was fun.

Here’s the Château Laurier from one angle…

… and another.

The Byward Market. It hosts a farmer’s market in the summer.

Some noisy little birds.

A lovely park.

The Houses of Parliament, seen through the park.

Notre Dame at Ottawa.

An Ice Seep.

The Ottawa River. This is standing on the bridge to Quebec, looking up toward the docks.

The Houses of Parliament, again. Taken from the river bank.

Houses of Parliament, plus trees! {Exciting!}

A lovely wall. This reminded me of Germany, (probably best not to ask why.)

It’s the Assassin! Third World, startled in the act of shooting a tree.

Myself, startled in the act of trying to get up gracefully and failing.

A closing lock out at the canal. This is under Redieu Street. I thought it looked like a dungeon, principally because I came through here first at 5 in the evening, and it was snowing. The place has ATMOSPHERE!

Ah, these looked better full size. They were so beautifully in focus! My unprofessional, (to say the least,) photo editing software has slightly blurred the lovely pictures Third world and I took, but you get the idea.

The most beautiful place in the world

That’s where I live. I rode in to St. John’s on Saturday, and I realized again just how beautiful my home is.

The drive in was very fun. Daddy was driving, and he had made 4 mix cd’s of driving music, everything from country, to blues, to rock, to folk, to pop… So we talked, and listened to music, and took pictures. Essentially, my dad is very excellent.

Once we got into St. John’s we went to Costco, and my soul was pleased within me. Warehouse stores… *smiles* A HUGE warehouse with wide aisle, containing everything from wide screen tvs, to canned milk! And the selection is always changing! SO yes, you won’t be able to find runners here today, but check back next week. I tell you, if I could, I would do most of my household shopping there, just leaving produce for the grocery store. Gallon jars of marchino cherries, 50 lb bags of flour; the Scottish part of my ancestry is delighted! Unfortunately, there is no way I can shop at a similar store here. It would take me months to get through the amount of bulk they sell in, and I don’t have the storage facilities. But someday, I will shop at Costco!

And there was another purchase Daddy made at Costco. An ipod shuffle, for me!
Now I understand Frauline’s making a quilt to keep her ipod warm! It’s so pretty and shiny and mac and cute. *sighs* Thank you Daddy!

Life is fun.