Rather light-headed.

So, I still intend to blog. But as you may have noticed, I’m also doing Nanowrimo. And there are only a certain amount of words in the old noggin per day. (At least that’s what’s happening this year…)

So for the duration of the month, I think I’ll direct you over to my writing blog, Stories Of Medusa, where whatever leftover words I have are coming to rest. There resides such FASCINATING things as me griping, interviewing my characters, and maybe someday, word counts!

So not much different from here. 😀

Anyhow, have a good day!

(Also I cut a foot of my hair off last night, to donate. My head feels rather funny.)

Decision Making: THE NEXT LEVEL

So I HAVE made decisions about my life in my past. You know, the normal stuff, like “should I cut my hair,” and “should I read that book,” and also bigger things, like “should I go to this college,” and “should I move home after college.” Decisions are not entirely foreign to me.

BUT! I realized today that all of the “Big Decisions,” I’ve made in the past have been Yes or No type things. Do I stay or do I go now…. *sings*

Ah-hem. *cough*

Anyhow. Yes. Decision making being Y/N! I’m pretty cool with that, and making the decision and moving on. Only now, I’m faced with a decision that’s all “oh, pick one of these three options with two mixed variables and several possible outcomes with three funding choices- or not.”


I could go to St FX, or STU, or even MUN, if they accept me. And I could start in January, or September. And I could go on loans, if I could get them, or I could mainly work my way through. And I could study anything in the arts faculty. And today MUN made things MUCH harder, by DARING to have interesting classes I wanna take. So now decisions are hard again. *sulks*

OR I could just give it all up and hitch-hike across Europe! Not gonna like, option Europe is looking pretty good.

Thank you for tuning in. This has been your episode of Jasmine Angsts. Tune in next time to hear Jasmine talk about housing woes. Because woe is me, I’m so woe, and I have woes.

Gah, I forgot to blog about something that makes me happy yesterday! Fail Jasmine- OH WAIT.

It wasn’t a fail, cause I was writing. ^_^

I’ve been having a really hard time with NaNoWriMo this year, but yesterday I left my sanity in a closet and cranked out 1300 words. Go me?

And here’s a quote from the 11th that delighted me.

“If you’re not going to use the mic when you lead a crowd in the singing of God Save The Queen, don’t do an interpretive version.”

Also, this song rocks my world

"For I have slipped the surly bonds of earth…"

November 11th is Remembrence Day, here in Canada, so that was- nice? One of the awkward things about facebook is how everyone jumps onto bandwagons, particularly about holidays. Even when I wholeheartedly believe in the status of a holiday, it seems like everyone is trying to one-up the other with profile pics and quotes? Which just strikes me as odd, when the holiday is about something like remembering, which is not necessarily done with trumpets and bells. Which is to say that if you saw me on FB, it probably looks like I didn’t remember. But I did! 😀

I am lucky enough to have had four generations of my family in the Canadian Military, and they’ve all come home. I have two cousins in active service, and two of my childhood friends just joined the US Army and the US Marines. Plus the many many family friends who are on active service.

So I remember.

And even though the introvert in me is a little weirded out by the loud remembering, it’s still good to see online, and to see the crowds who turn out to the wreath laying ceremony. Makes me proud of my country/friends/town, and family. 😀

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe."

I found this video today, and it delights me. It reminded me how the world, and how the world is constructed, is truly amazing. I’m pretty sure that the people quoted did not mean it in a theistic way, but I’m DIFFERENT, okay? 😀

Quotes from Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, auto-tuned and toyed with.
(Also, you can do amazing things with language and the description of the world, eh?)

Also, I went to the library for a write-in! This time the internet kicked me off, so I got almost a thousand words written. Which is a thousand words more than I had yesterday! 😀

Additionally, St Thomas gave me the gift of not accepting my credits, so that they are are not the clear leader in the university search. So now I get to play CHOOSE THE SCHOOL this weekend, which is a game we all love to play. ^_^

I hope your day was full of things to be happy about!