Out and about the city on my day off! :D

I had the day off from work today, so I decided to go grocery picking in Belbins. ^_^ Because they deliver food, and I had the intention of buying ten pounds of flour, among other things, and I am pitifully weak in the chest and the arms and the muscles. *collapse at the mere IDEA of carrying flour*

So after some serious time spent staring at the internet until I realized the reason I was feeling dull might have something to do with the fact that I’d only eaten (very) crispy bacon and cookies, and then I went to buy some coffee and a bagel. And at that point I was halfway there, so I kept walking! ^_^

BTW, you can click on any picture to see it BIG. If that floats your boat.

I walked past this, which is the outside of the High Court. They have what looks like a moat, three stories deep, with barred windows opening into it and a rusted cage at the top. Very cheering, I’m sure.

Another view of the cage. 

This is Belbins! It’s just in a residential area, and then you come to this house that has a glass front. They’ve been in business for over a century.

Click to see bigger.
They have SO MANY KINDS of marmalade. I went with Lemon Curd. As one does.

And the meat section, next to the veal, is ground ostrich. We’re in the big city now, guys!

Should I get duck liver or Bison Burgers? Choices, choices. 


Oh, there are multiple varieties of mushrooms, and fruit salads. It’s all good. 

And then I walked on, and found this row of houses, which I WANT for my OWN. They’re so tiny and cute! And old and stepped!

Then I walked along Water street, where a strange *thing* was.

A closeup of the *thing.*

They put the high-rises on stilts here, to keep up with the hills. 
😀 😀

And I just really liked this wall, which is why you get a picture of it.


My iphone took this picture twice, and I couldn’t decide which one I like better. So you get both. I’m generous like that!

This was just a random shed that delighted me. I’d just gotten an idea for a story, so a lot of things delighted me.

Like this cafe, sticking out of the side of the building. 

And this, which is actually a legal street. It just is not car-friendly. 
St. John’s: Where they discriminate against motor vehicles!

And this guy was busking, with bagpipes. You could hear him for a full kilometre. 

This is a t-shirt I saw for sale. I don’t understand why someone would want to wear it, but more power to them?

And my groceries, safely delivered to my house once I was home! Huzzah!

Town, where the weather is always sunshine and rainbows.

So yesterday I moved into town! It was a long drive, which was rather hazy because I was in AUGH MOVING TIME HAS NO MEANING MUST DRINK MORE COFFEE mode. But my brother PT and his Girlfriend R drove me in, which was lovely of them. There was much conversation which I hope I was lucid for. 
I know we stopped at McDonalds on the way, where this conversation happened. 

PT: “All right, time to hit the road.”
Me: “Aw, but I thought we were living here now!”
R: “They don’t have a playplace. We’ll find a better one.”

Yeah, I was in fine form. 
When we got to the edge of town, no sooner did we get to my neighbourhood than four police cars went screaming by, lights and sirens going. Welcome to the big city, self! 😛 Aside from some moving up of boxes, which is not exiting to relate, that was my evening. (Life!Drama, I has it.) 
Now today I woke up to a beautiful sunshiny day. Er, no, that was some other city. I’m living in Fog City. Thankfully I like fog. 😀 
The objectives of the day were to go shopping for groceries, and go out for coffee with Angie and Kay. I will now conduct the rest of this blog post in pictures, because me and words are ESTRANGED.

This is how foggy I mean. I almost walked past the grocery.


This was brunch, and it was delicious. (Can you tell I like having a camera?)

Kay insisted on taking pictures of me too. So here, you get to see all my gums.
You’re welcome.

On the Left, Curtis.
On the Right, Angie.
They’re lovely. 😀

Kay plays coy with her gloves. This picture taking was our attempt as being “rowdy,” by the way. How do you think we did?

Angie enjoys Starbucks.
We agreed that my phone was prettier, but hers was a SURVIVOR.

Kay’s shy about having her picture taken. 😀
No honestly, she’s just distracted.

I just liked this building. It’s so UGLY.

Ugly was noteworthy because this was about what the rest of downtown looks like. GLASS AND PRETTINESS. 

And here’s the view from my back window! 

"It’s kinda a big deal."

And with seven hours (max) of sleep, we headed for Sin Jawns! The youngsters were all going to Camp Delight for eight days, and us adults were going along to drive, and- well, um, *waves hands vaguely* see people. You know, as adults do.

All the camp people crammed into the van of excitement and hysteria, and Daddy, Slonner and I were exiled to the car. *Looks at Van crammed full of excited children* *looks at VW full of space and a working radio* *compares*
Clearly, we had the short end of the stick. It was tragic, I tell you.

Daddy and I spent the 4.5 hour drive in listening to the radio, and talking art and marketing. As one does. Then we dropped off the children at Camp, where they took the absolute minimum amount of time getting settled in. THROW the luggage from the van. LUG AT HIGH SPEED to the cabins. HUG parents. Bye now! Trapezoid especially was very efficient. I was still helping small girls carry suitcases bigger than themselves when he had finished carrying three suitcases and a bag taller than him to his cabin. Then he vanished to do arcane boy things with his cabin. I didn’t ask questions.

Now, as previously mentioned in the last post, I’d bought some earrings the day before. That meant that when we actually got to town, I didn’t have my usual monies to spend on books or theatres. My normal Modus Operandi would have to be ADJUSTED. Therefore, while my industrious father went to take the ferry over to an old iron mine to take pictures of an indie turkish rock band, bringing my lovely mother and energetic small brother, I stayed in the hotel and chased a sunspot along the couch.

After this long and involved exercise, and after- incidentally- my family in town were barred from their ferry and had to wait for the next one, we had chinese food and entertained a newly married couple who were slightly younger than I. The entertainment mainly consisted of talk of schools and the music industry, and coffee and timbits. Which obviously is the best of all possible conversations. 😀

After we’d exsausted the coffee, I was brought out in state to help grocery pick, and be driven about town at night, and see the new apartment. The new apartment was, of course, lovely. We watched the Taking Of Pelham 123, which was significantly less lovely. Profanity can be used effectively in a story, but I really don’t think professional people use one word as the noun, verb, adjective and other modifiers in one sentence. And it’s all the same word? I mean, if I’ve met people who REALLY swear, they at least have two or three words they alternate between. This was just awkward and tiring. The only person who really pulled it off was John Travolta, who was quite believably insane. ^_^ But yeah, the story was so muddled it might have been good- but I really have no idea, I cared about a random sniper more than the MC, and the triumphant ending was- really not. SIGH. If you’re going to present a conflict, people, have the goodness to resolve it! If you’re dealing with layers of lies, either wink and nod when you leave, or TELL THE TRUTH, don’t just wander aimlessly into the sunset. *glares at storywriters* John Travolta was the best part.

In the morning I woke up. Which I put as a point of interest, seeing as I was up until 2:30+ the night before, and then up at 8, and I don’t function well on less than nine hours. YOU DO THE MATH. So then we, hmmm. *thinks* We went to costco, and McDonalds, where someone named James- I love you James, learn to be observant- neglected to get my salad dressings or tell me that he had to tell someone else about out for 15 minutes. Which when you’re standing by the counter of a fast food restaurant, is a LONG TIME. And then we went to Long and McQuade, where I stayed in the car and read, and then went home.  The trip back was spent looking at the views, talking Churchill, computers, income and jobs. As one also does.