What’s done is done. All you have to worry about is the damage control.

We’re back! *cue triumphant music* Moreover, we’re back with all luggage in tow, all family members, and not even a major airline delay to show for the four Air Canada flights we braved. We must be special.

And now, an explanation for the post that “follow” this one. I was without computer access for most of the trip, which deficiency I assuaged by blogging on paper. Also known as keeping a journal. *grins* I shall now proceed to put the posts in digital form for your reading displeasure. (And yes, I am currently talking like this in real life as well. I can’t seem to stop it. Sorry.)

Also, for future reference, my brother formerly know as Trapeziod has been renamed the Walrus.


"It was- accomplished." "It was ironic."

Just a quick post before my brain gives out entirely. Not… that I am in any danger of that happening, noooo….

Fraulein and I watched Becoming Jane this week, which was very fun. I have to say, my¬†favourite¬†scene was when Jane talked to Tom in the woods for the¬†first¬†time, and lovely snarky¬†dialogue¬†ensues. I had been described as being like Jane, which concerned me just a little, but now I am secure. My, what with watching National Treasure 2 on the weekend,¬†courtesy¬†of¬†Trapezoid, and Batman Begins last weekend, also courtesy of Trapezoid, I’m becoming quite the movie watcher! I have deemed this to be good. ūüėÄ
Also, I went by the library today after work. I spent a lovely two hours sorting books, coming home with a nice clutch of them for my self, and had that counted as two hours towards my grant. Cheers! And yes, it is a Clutch of books, due to the fact that I have two Orwells, some Heinlein, some Pournelle, a brand new copy of Guns, Germs and Steel, some Tolkien, and a couple more that I don’t remember right now. (All for four dollars!) Not quite books which sit tamely on your shelves. They ooze something at you. Not quite sure what, but something. ūüėĬ†Incidentally, I think the library¬†board’s opinion of me¬†was adjusted slightly upward when I pounced on the Tolkien. And several people tried to ease my GG&S out of my pile, but I stashed it on top of a book shelf and emerged¬†triumphant. I think the library should be fun. Hard, what with McDays as well, but fun.
Also, my ipod has finally been named. It informed me while biking home (on the Super Cruiser! ūüėõ Oh yes, I rock), that its name was Dio.¬†
And Mommy and Daddy and Sam and Gideon are coming home next week! Mommy will be here for two days in the early week as well! Cue the cheering and jubilant hysteria!

"You did say you wanted your hair to be short, right?"

First, a quote from work on Monday

Unknown guy: (to my co-worker, who is a friend of his) “Like my new lip stud?”

Co-worker: “What? That’s no¬†jewellery! You go to kiss your girl an you’ll stab’er!”

Work overall went well. Drice thru does seem to make the time past a little faster, just becuase you have to consentrate so hard to make up what they mean. Like this order.

“I wants a double mac meal nar cheese onions double pickles Sprite girltoy happy nuggets with white milk three custard cones.”

And he’s gone, leaving me gaping at the screen. And yes, the lack of punctuation is also deliberate. At any rate, the day went well, and then I had the next three days blissfully off.¬†

Tuesday was the day of the Brownie/Guide/Spark/Pathfinder banquet, which I went to as a guest. It was fun, though I think I found a number of the speeches funny when they weren’t supposed to be. “All the leaders are important. No one is more important than anyone other. But I have to tell you, the most important leader is the Unit Guider. The work she puts in…” And there’s me, grinning like a loon in the middle of the room.¬†
All of the groups performer an entertainment each, which were quite good, considering. The Sparks,( 5-6) as always, got by on getting cute, but the Brownies (7-8) had a fun dance. The Guides (9 -11) had a song/skit which had enthusiastic participation, which is rare. And the Pathfinders, (12 -15) who are usually too cool to put any kind of effort in, turned up with a prepared song including guitar and accordion accompaniment, which was quite unexpected.
In¬†addition, the organizers of the banquet had put out a ice-cream tub for donations for Gid. Everyone in town knows about him, and with him now being in Toronto for treatment, the concern has only grown. They asked me to come up to the mic (in front of about 300 people) and give a little talk about how he was doing. Which I did, heart in my mouth. They had warned me earlier that they wanted me to talk about how he was doing, and then in the introduction the MC mentioned that she really didn’t understand what Gid was doing in Toronto, and she hoped I could explain it. Oh my, how do I say this so that I don’t panic the children? They’re eating, for goodness sake! But I stumbled through, and my sister Fraulein said later that I did a good job. *sigh of¬†relief*¬†
They raised $141, in the course of the evening. No prior warning to the attendees, just a bucket by the door. We really do live in a remarkable place.¬†We also came home with most of the leftovers from the banquet, which makes my job of cooking that much easier. ūüėÄ
I had a protracted series of confrontations with my brother Trapezoid today, beginning with him cable-tieing his sisters, and ending with my shaving his head. 
*wide grin*
That makes it sound much worse than it¬†actually¬†was, I just couldn’t resist that line.
The¬†confrontations¬†of note started with me washing dishes, and having it brought to my attention that, at their request, Trapezoid had fashioned hand-cuffs out of cable ties for his sisters. Discussion ensues of how it is never¬†appropriate¬†to cable tie your smaller¬†siblings. Tempers are lost. I go down to¬†apologies¬†and explain why seeing the small ones with their hands and feet restrained pushes my panic button. He is reading a western book instead of his school book. TV time is taken away, and writing is started. An hour later, more discussion ensues over what is considered the proper amount of writing for a 13 year old to be turning out. He’s saying that a 49 word quote and 18 words of original commentary is enough. I’m holding out for 250 words minimum, of which no more than 100 are a quote. I win this one. During supper, he remember that his cadet inspection is coming up, and he needs a hair cut.¬†
I will take this opportunity to point out that I have never cut hair.
He does need a hair cut, though. I pull out the trimmers. We can only find one¬†attachment, so we decide to go with a one-length cut. I start the trimmers, who buzz alarmingly. I start carving chunks of his hair out. Just as I get it to a tolerable “mushroom cut” stage, the cutters start making a¬†different¬†note and neglecting to cut the hair, so I have to resort to the scissors. I thank God he didn’t need any styling, just short. And it’s short now.
No, actually, I’m rather pleased with the cut. It’s not lumpy unless he stands with his head just right¬†in the light, and with the cadet cap on he looks quite sharp. *is proud*¬†
That is a normal amount of drama in a day with¬†Trapezoid, really. And I didn’t include the minor¬†confrontations. ūüėÄ

All I want to do, is be more like me, and be less like you.

The sun is shining off the snow into my window, and I’m in a good mood. I tell you, calling home is a great invention.*laughs* In my last few calls home, I’ve found out an interesting piece of information regarding one of my siblings each time.

  1. First I found that PT is probably going to Dubai
  2. Then I found that Frauline is possible going to England for a Girl Guide trip.
  3. Now I find that my little brother Trapezoid (age 12) has joined Cadets, and just went to a dance.
  4. next time? (something about Slonner?)

(for those who don’t know, that’s descending order of age. I’m the oldest, followed by PT, Frauline, etc. )
I’m all grin-ny.

I’ve really been feeling stunningly incompetent recently; noticing my complete inability to manage money, manage my time, and behave in social situations… Don’t you love it when you realize that you either annoy, frighten, disgust or amuse the people around you? I know I do.

But I’m better now. ALSO, I didn’t do anything other than skip a few meals in three weeks, so I feel proud of myself. HA! Take THAT! *waves hands wildly*

Now Reading Week has begun. I have a vague idea of what I’m doing for my papers, and I’m making waffles tomorrow. It’s good.

Oh, I love this quote. It’s from the intro to Rich Mullin’s Higher Education and the Book of Love. No, I love parts of this quote, which I have included here. Some other bits, not so much…

What does it mean to be human?
What does it mean to be human?
I cannot help but suspect
that at one time in the history of thinking
that people believed that it meant
that we were spiritual
that we could make choices
and were capable of aspiring to higher ideals
like maybe loyalty
or maybe faith
or maybe even love

But now we are told by people who think they know
that we vary from amoeba
only in the complexity of our makeup
and not what we essentially are


They would have us see ourselves as products
so that we could believe we were something to be made
something to be used
and then something to be disposed of
used in their wars
used for their games
and then set aside for we get in their way
who are they?


What does it mean to be human?
I cannot help but believe
that it means that we are spiritual
that we are responsible
and that we are free
that we are responsible
to be free

Anyways, better go do some of my work. *grand bow*