The spending of money and why that gets weirder the longer you stare at it.

Also, after making this video, I am SO IN LOVE WITH TEXT-BASED COMMUNICATION. It was killing me in editing to not be able to touch up words here and there, polish phrasing, put this intro on that outro…

Yeah. Writing is better.


I saw this even covered on the CBC, at work. What you don’t see in this video is that as the hearses passed through town, people had flowers they put on the vehicles, and in the road in front of them. Hundreds and hundreds of people, dead silent, placing flowers and just witnessing.

Some of the people from the town talked about their traditon, here.

A Glimpse Into Renovations

Last week was Reno Week, which I was helping with, I think I may have mentioned. Of course, my helping was to run the kitchen, but it still counts, right? Anyhow, at one point I also wandered around with a camera, and this was the result.

Apologies are probably necessary. I’m sorry. *maniac chuckle*
Reno Glimpse from Amber on Vimeo.