It’s like sitting next to a can of soda! *pop!*

[NOTE: This post was written with no plan of attack, and is rather stream-of-conciousness. I lie; it is comepletely stream-of-conciousness. Read at your own risk.]

A discovery! Two Tetley tea bags in an average mug, allowed to steep for 15+ minutes, produces a drink which is so strong it actually feels like it’s etching the inside of your mouth. You can smell the caffeine.


I’m sure you’re all delighted to know that piece of information. Immeasurably enriched, I know. Or perhaps, un-etched? *ducks*

Due to all the work, this summer has gone VERY fast. I think because I haven’t had to plan out things to do, or look forward to them. I’ve only had to figure out at which place I was working, and at what hour I would transfer to the other job- every day. Does wonders for your time sense, that. 😀 But I see the light at the end of the tunnel! (No, I’m pretty sure that’s not a train. Pretty sure.)

However, I’m on the home stretch of the library Grant. The last week! w00t! I’ve only got 15 hours left, and then I’ll actually have free time! That is not to say that this job is not very self directed. I have had an incredible amount of leeway, and lack of official duties. This has led to a lot of time reading and on the computer. (It’s a hard life, working for the government.) However, come next week, I’ll be able to go on a walk for fun! And maybe even go into Gander for people watching, or shopping. *dances*

Interestingly, the substitute librarian seems to regard me as the first line IT person. Yesterday I fixed the Internet twice, and tried to fix someone’s laptop which wasn’t seeing the wi-fi. I was unable to heal it, though. However, he came back today in the hope that it had pulled its self together in the night, and I was able to ascertain that the antennae was not turned on. Makes a difference, that. The fact that it was a windows machine, however, drained off most of the fun of working with a computer. For one thing, I am NOT familiar with it. I have a basic understanding of Mac- enough that I can figure out when I need to call for help, and when it’s something that can be puzzled out. Windows, I have no clue. If it was a food product, I would be wearing protective apron, mask and gloves before touching it, and that with a long sharp stick. “Did it move? I think it just moved! Grab the colander! Trap it!”
*goes off into reverie about chasing deformed Widows-food around the kitchen*

Right. Also, I don’t really like Windows. The only joy it brings is the vengeful triumph of having bested an obtuse and malicious foe.

This was not intended to be a rant about Windows, so I will cut it off there before I bring out more absurd analogies.

I just looked at the calender, and I will be twenty in exactly a month. TWO DECADES. I still will not be legal to drink in the states, which puts it in perspective a bit, but Twenty! The mind boggles. Particularly so since I’m reading All Quiet On The Western Front right now. It’s about the Great War, from the view of a German Infantryman. (How much history does it say I’ve read that I can think of WWI as the Great War without trouble? :P) Anyhow, I was reminded again of the average age of the soldiers in that conflict; 19 year olds were veterans. It makes one feel rather old and ungainly in comparison. It also puts the frantic push to have a degree at age 23, “otherwise you’re wasting your life,” in a new light.

Life is so much more interesting when you think about what “everyone does” instead of just doing it! Compare, weigh the options, think about the causes, run the odds, ask questions… *sigh* Tis fun. 😀

In other news, my Grandmother has come to stay with us for the week, which is lovely. 😀 Also, I have an appointment with Ms. B for a “computer buying party” next week, where in I coach her through the perils of the Apple Store Online. 😉


"Everyone was just signing Pam’s shirt, so I hauled up my shirt and was like, "sign me!""

Windows Photo Printing Wizard is the bane of my existence. I just want to print some clip art, for the library. Simple, no? Print, and it prints it in actual size.


Instead, I can only print images through PPW, and it insists on autocropping and sizing the images, so most of them are unusable. Please excuse me while I beat the computer into small shreds of cheap plastic and silicon.

Okay, just had to get that one out. I am taking a break from library work to write this, because I can’t take any more of trying to format the blessed clip art so that it will print.

AHAHAHAHHA! I HAVE TRIUMPHED! I opened the pictures with Explorer, and printed from that screen. *dances madly*

I just, would prefer to not have to go into pitched battle with my computer every time I sit down to use it. You know? I’m probably having a harder time than needful since I’m on a public (read- crippled) computer, I’m tired, and I’m not used to Windows, so I don’t know the tricks. Still…

Anyhow, this weekend was the Public High School Graduation. Three people from McDonald’s graduated, and I’ve been reminded once again how different that lifestyle is. The title was Kayla’s explanation as to why she has permanent marker all over her abdomen. Hmmmmm. Craig, (also a grad) who came to work despite being “sick,” (headache, nauseous, pale, heavy drinking the night before) accused her of still being drunk, but she said she was just hung over. Jonathan, who is the other grad, hasn’t checked in to work yet. Might I point out that all of these people are still underage? The quality of parties around here doesn’t surprise me anymore, but it still seems rather strange. I guess getting drunk just doesn’t hold that much appeal for me. 😀

I mean, I have enough trouble keeping my temper under wraps normally, I don’t want to forfeit what little control I have. I’m honestly a little scared of what I might do. Anyhow! Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with any really nasty people at work yet. I’ve heard stories of nasty people just before I came on, or after I left, but I haven’t had to deal with them personally, which is good. I think I’d get mad right back at them, or dig my fingernails into my arm in an attempt to not get mad at them, since telling the customers what you think of their intelligence, reading and counting skills is not a good idea. And I get either violent or really articulate when I’m mad, so, not a good idea to get mad.

Indeed, the closest I came to that reaction was when one of the popular highschool seniors came in with a complaint the other day. The kind of boy ,~sorry~, man, common around here, who has a carefully unshaven moustache and a trucker’s hat permanently attached to the back of his head. They drive around in ford mustangs and cars of that ilk, which they did not pay for. They are too cool to study, think math is for chumps and English is a waste of time, (which is obvious in their communication skills) and they are going to go on to Fort Mac when they graduate. As a group, they’ve been partying hard since about age 14, and they, to a man, seem to think that they are God’s gift to women. They seem to have a different girl in the front seat of their cars every time they come through the drive-thru. About five ten, dirty blond hair, and jeans. I mean, seriously, it’s like a group of clones was introduced into the hospital 18 years ago, and no one noticed.

ANYHOW; one of this group came through the drive-thru, according to tradition adding most of his order once he was at the window. So we parked the order, and told him we’d bring it out once it was done. This I did, running out his order when it was up. So far, so good. I commence stuffing orders into bags for the window (we were busy). But then, I look around, and to my complete absence of joy, I see this guy standing there with his receipt and and his bag.
*thinks* darn you, what do you want.
*says* “Sorry, can I help you?”
The guy goes, “You charged me for 9 chicken sauce, but I only got 8.”

I should point out that chicken sauce is 18 cents a packet. And I checked in his order three minutes ago, I know what I charged him for, and it was 8 packets. At this juncture, what I should do is apologize, and hand over the demanded chicken sauce, preferably bowing and scraping in abject regret.

Instead, what I do is pull myself up to my full height, which, since I was hunched over, means an increase of about four inches, look him directly in the eye, and in my best “I do not tolerate defiance” voice say, “I charged you for 8 packets.” My body language, which stated rather clearly that I would dearly love to fling the basket of sweet-and-sour portions at his head most likely didn’t hurt the effect either.

At this point, he pauses, actually looks at the receipt in his hand, turns red and slinks away. I continue my work, and then spend the next hour upbraiding myself in the back of my head for my knee-jerk temper.


Maybe you had to be there, but since I spend most of my time at work with my grin so firmly pasted on my face I’m practically leering at the customers, and I’m most often described as “quiet” and “sweet,” I think the transformation to “I-will-eat-your-heart Medusa” was rather startling. But I don’t think it hurt his loyalty to the double hamburger value pick meal, since he’s been back many times since then. Of course, that PARTICULAR guy may not have returned. Like I said, I can’t really tell that crowd apart. Ah well. 😀

Work tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and then I have two blissful days off. I intend to sleep for 48 hours. 😛

Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty, your momo-ness.

Well, the art paper is done. *collapses on the floor in a huddle of exhaustion* I am actually not too displeased with it. Turned out that I had more information than I needed, not less, (which was what I was expecting.) So I was able to pick and choose what I was including, which was nice. *glee*

EDIT: I stole this description of the mental state of the house from Third World’s blog, because I think it’s hilarious.

Slow Descent Into Madness: Day Two.

It’s been very entertaining watching the slowly degrading mental states of the students in my House, myself included. One of us will launch into this completely nonsensical train of thought, or jump from talking about a paper to singing something random, or stroking their laptop and wondering what they should name it. It’s even more amusing when I ignore it at first, and then realize what I or someone else just did. Example: Snazel just took her scarf off, wrapped it around her like a belt, took that off, and made it into some kind of tunic-thing, all while giving a lengthy treatise on why there are no actual examples of early Christian art. It might not have been exactly like that, but you get the picture.

Now it’s on to the scriptures paper. I actually know what I am doing for all of my projects now. I mean, I know the themes. *scoffs* I have no idea what I’m actually doing! No, that’s too pessimistic. I will make it through!


Latin quiz tomorrow, and then we’ll most likely get our music papers back. That should be ~interesting.~ However, we have a four-day weekend because of Easter. It all balances out, no?

We worked it out today, and exam week will be over in just a month. The mind boggles, I tell you. BOGGLES! The time is moving so fast. I already bought my ticket home. (I’m flying Westjet, NOT air Canada, and I got the flight at half price. Take THAT, air Canada! *sticks out tongue*)

Oh… *grins evilly* Over Christmas, I took a screen shot of my desktop, including all the widgets. I found it yesterday, and placed it as my wallpaper. Now I have an Apple desktop as the background on a Windows computer. This pleases my sense of the ironic, which as we all know is very deficient. *dances off*