Thanks for the telegram, body

I deal pretty well with stress. Of course, I have my tells, as do we all (stomach aches, memory issues and curling into a ball and staring into space, to name a few), but overall I like to think that when faced with stress, I carry on as though nothing bad is happening. I’m a titan of industry!

When that stress finally lets off, I have different tells. Specifically, crushing exhaustion and sinus issues. This usually happens after exam time, or a move.

And RELATEDLY, I just switched jobs. (I promise this is related.) The ones I had before were fine, but probably not ideal for my interests and personality. I’m an introvert, and I was in sales. So I’m in this new job, and it has its share of blinding terrors, but significantly, despite working less hours here, I’m totally exhausted and rocking a head so clogged I feel like I’m going to overbalance. My body is reacting to this full-time job as though it has the same stress level as a vacation.

I’m guessing the job is a good fit for me.


*manic giggle*


The library has a kettle- and tea bags. 

Let’s look at the facts. Private internet access, in a locked building to which I have the key, self directed employment, and now, tea.

I mean, why even go home?