I owe it all to youtube.

32,059 words!

The ending is awful- and so on and so forth, but I’m so glad it’s finally done! w00t! (I was pulling things out there that I had NEVER put on paper, even hinted too before. *cringes*)
How many words did I write today? 2699.

Well, I’m off to read Stephanie’s story. *rubs hands together*

I had a quote, but it left with the rest of the language portion of my brain.

Well I really want to finish my story, but my eyes keep closing.

29,360 words. That means I wrote 3234 today. This would explain why my arms hurt. I’m using muscles I don’t usually use. *grins* *rubs arms and shoulders*

Hmm. Class tomorrow. *cries*

I’m almost done with the story. Almost. This causes me joy and sorrow. Joy to have it done, and sorrow cause I’ll have to share the story. Stephanie and I are sharing our stories with each other, which should be interesting. Kendra might also let us read hers. *peers over shoulder* It’ll be very fascinating to see how all my house mates write. I’m not that delighted at the thought of my stuff being read, but oh well.

I know it needs MASSIVE edits. You don’t even know.

I just remembered that tomorrow I have to work in a reference to the god of wine or debauchery. *stares at tomorrow*

I think it’s time to go to bed now.

Oh, leetness, look at the leetness….


That’s really all there is to it.

I meant to introduce some pencil-pushing backstabbers today, but in spite of spending 8 hours in front of a computer, they didn’t materialize. I think they are going to be a bit cooler and more scary than I had originally envisioned. If they make it into print.

Time to shut down and look for pics

No, you see your problem is that you couldn’t get information out of an encyclopedia.

Just give me figures.

Word count: 24,394
Words remaining: 7,453
End dd (drop dead) word count: 31,847
Percentage of story completed: 76.6%
Words per day remaining. 828
Cookies eaten today: 9
Cups of tea drunk today: 2
Titles used and discarded: 2 (Victor’s story & Definately Not Legal)
Dares accepted overall: 6

No, how are you really?

Sanity: Well, when you consider that it’s me we’re talking about…
Coherence: Singing triples on Corellia with my mind and my wits.
Good guy/bad guy confusion: It’ll be sorted out soon, I promise!
Panic level: No, this. This must be what going mad feels like.

Fight, SEDUCE!

Definitely Not Legal
Word count: 20931
Words remaining: 10916

I wrote 1239 words today. Feels like a lot, but then I keep thinking about the spectre of May. *May looms on the Horizon* 50,000 words in a month is what I”m gonna be doing then. *crawls under desk and whimpers*

I got to arrest Alexander, which makes me happy. I finally figured our who he is, (yes, Death Note had a light hand in his character,) just when he got taken down. However, I wasn’t in time to stop him killing someone. With a knife thrown over the shoulder, no less.

Mr. X is just creepy, but Alexander is cool. I want him in jail for a LONG time. No, actually I want him in a penal colony. No, actually I want his memory wiped so I can marry him.

jokes, jokes… *evil grin* However, I was feeling guilty about the insanity of my military people; their lack of security and general incompetence; so I replaced them with S.I.O. (Special Information Operations.) Therefore they can take him away never to be heard off again.

Now my characters are painted out in my head and I know what is going on, I want to go back and edit!!!! *cries*

*clears throat* I got my characters out of the terminal, which makes me happy. Now everything else is in the ambulances and Hospital. Oh, and “interviews.” Hmmmm, Alison is gonna have some hardcore explaining to do. And so will Michael. And Lynn’s parents.

Fragmented entry. I need to go look at my Britten paper for Music

edit: Ha, I just noticed the Death Note, Light reference. And it was entirely subconscious!

*falls asleep at keyboard*

Word count: 19,070
Word remaining: 12,777

The honeymoon is officially OVER. In a way, I’m glad. I was enjoying this too much, made me suspicious. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still oddles of fun, but it’s abruptly hard. This isn’t helped by my writing in the early am. *foolish, foolish girl*I’ve put all my characters in bad situations, and it’s difficult to figure out how to get them out of it. My inner big sister is giving them all lectures about presumption, in putting themselves in a situation where they get shot at/shoot people. Alison just got chewed out, and she won’t be the last. (no sireee) I think I’ll put everyone else’s in the past tense, come to think of it.

Of course.This is what’s wrong! I need some comic relief!

Well, I just need to write a firefight, and then I can move on to the aftermath. When everyone is either in their right minds or drugged up. Sounds better. (Lynn on drugs- I’m too tired to try to picture that. )

On a completely different side note, I have competent adults! I’m pleased with this. Hopefully I don’t hate them on the re-read.

[TRAIN OF THOUGHT ERROR: brain is shutting down; please re-boot and try again.]

Time for bed.

I think you’ll make a drummer so it’s come along, young man.

Word count: 17764
Words to go: 14083
Coherence: I wrote 1034 words without a comma. I think that deserves a round of- something.
Panic level: “To tired to panic…”

Today was Valentine’s Day. We celebrated with writing dares.

  1. Include butterflies, killer if possible
  2. NO commas for 730 words
  3. A main character is discovered to have a dehabilitating phobia of plants.

I did it. 1258 words-es.

Is past my bed times. I go to sleep now.