Nano Quotes

Snazel: how’s life?
Bahnree: decent
Bahnree: as opposed to indecent
Bahnree: whenever life gets naked, i get gone

Neldor: I don’t trust you near my hair

Snazel: Adam is so stubborn….
Kemendraugh: just drug/seduce him
Kemendraugh: it gets them all eventually
Snazel: I’ll let you do that
Snazel: 😀
Kemendraugh: and don’t be afraid to use all three fall backs at once, remember
Kemendraugh: drunk/seducing/torture scene
Snazel: Oh, this is going to be a drunk/seducing/torture/kidnapping scene

Snazel: updated!
Snazel: I can feel the quality go downhill by the minute…
Neldor: join the club
Neldor: I got there day 1
Neldor: it’s like hotel California this club is

Neldor: Colbys dad just got a blonde shag

Daddy: "So actually the family tree is a stick."

Neldor: I will look later, right now I have to go hit my head against a wall for a little while
Snazel: *pets your hair*
Snazel: *stops and runs away*
Neldor: wise choice

Snazel: I just wrote a nasty flirting scene
Snazel: Laura BIT a pencil
Snazel: *cries*
Snazel: sigh
Snazel: I need to get out more
Neldor: you wrote Dare. you need to stay in more. Alone.

After I send her a cute video of panda babies:
Neldor: "Pandas often eat their young."

Kemendraugh: *to her sister* "Get the frog away or I’ll beat you over the head with it!"
Kemendraugh: *later* "Okay! Now I beat the frog over the head with you!"

Bahnree: hey look, PLOT
Bahnree: it’s a rare and unique creature!!!
Bahnree: i’ve never seen one this close before

PCB: anyway, don’t listen to your parents, listen to your teenage guy friend

Snazel: *to self* "We can leave the laundry out here, and the cold will kill all the microbes! Heh, microbes. Who even believes in microbes?"
Mommy: *overhears* "I believe in microbes!"
Snazel: "Clap if you believe in microbes!"

Neldor: where it is nobler in the mind to eat arrows
Neldor: no
Neldor: wait

Neldor: I vaugely remeber feeling more insane then normal last night but nothing else- I am afriad to look at my writing
Snazel: You wrote a seduction scene
Neldor: oh
Neldor: I’ll just wait a little while before opeing the word doc then

Snazel: "Hopefully by the time you get back I will be writing. Uh, I guess I need to open my word doc. then.."

Snazel: 😀
Snazel: you’re cute
Neldor: oh yeah deplorable
Neldor: I mean…

Neldor: heh I used to get nose bleeds when I was younger…I guess I wasn’t as shy as people thought…

Snazel: *shoots colby in the shoulder*
Neldor: er
Neldor: k
Neldor: for the lolz?
Snazel: totally
Snazel: max lolz

Snazel: Burnout is RUDE! I’m so breaking up with him. Hey Idiot! Let’s *FIGHT*.
Neldor: Burnout: But Snazel..I’ll be here even when no one else is…I’lll never leave you…
Snazel: Oh now
Snazel: YOu’re a liar
Neldor: Burnout: No…not me, and besides we both know I’m good looking…why Does No one want me? *sob*
Snazel: Go Romance Neldor, she knows you well.
Snazel: besides, you’re not a good kisser.
Neldor: Burnout: but, but *cries at Snazels feet*
Snazel: Do you really think I want pathetic bad boys?
Neldor: Burnout: yes? you said you liked pathetic. and besides I might not be a good kisser, but I can be very cuddly
Snazel: Damnit
Snazel: Just, hang around, okay?
Snazel: I’m sure my muse is going to collapse again.
Snazel: shortly

PCB: y’know, a dude who forms "friendships" with ulterior motives. whatever you call that.

Snazel: I need to get things for work.
Neldor: ?
Snazel: I’m thinking candles and wire.
Neldor: Candles and wire?
Neldor: What kind of work?
Neldor: Slinky dress too?
(It was for the gift basket for work.)

Neldor: I almost started to get one…at L’Abri. almost but not
Neldor: if I had had more money
Neldor: then maybe
Snazel: a blanket?
Neldor: a sense of personal fashion
Snazel: oh

PCB : that’s like saying if you surgically replace your legs with lamp posts you’re taller than me

Kemendraugh: but if Charlemagne ends up making out at the end of my report, we’ll know why

Neldor: Go look at the video.
Neldor: Scroll down
Neldor: There is your punishment
Snazel: Why do you have this link?
Neldor: Because I was looking for pics
Neldor: not for slash

‪Bahnree: ‬ ‪and trust me, that song will never leave your head‬
Bahnree: LOL
‪Snazel: ‬ ‪YOU MONSTER‬
‪Bahnree: ‬ ‪i keep randomly going, "I smell roooosesssss" and then punch myself in the face‬

Neldor: I can’t write a seduction scene in here, the walls are too thin.

PCB: CP Theaters, check your soul at the door.

Snazel: "It’s like I’m talking to a flashback!"

Neldor: I can’t draw pills.
Neldor: I mean candy.

Neldor: "Don’t make me hurt you"
Sean: "You want too, don’t Lie to me."

Snazel: I have a scar on my neck
Snazel: several
Snazel: but you can only see them up close
Neldor: I’m not sure I ever want to be that close to your neck.
Snazel: now my feelings are hurt…
Neldor: as they should be

PCB: how come my characters always sound like you when they go military or swearing?
PCB: or both
PCB: which is often

Snazel: I’m subscripted to twilightfangirls
Kemendraugh: O_o
Kemendraugh: you’re right’
Kemendraugh: you have no honour left on the internets

(Customer approaches my wicket and hands me a piece of folded construction paper with five numbers on one side, circled.)
Customer: "Put $460.00 in there!"
Me: (A 13-digit number is needed to deposit into an account. I open up the paper to see if the other seven numbers are written on the other side.) "It looks like there aren’t enough numbers to do that-" (I break off as he snatches the paper out of my hand.)
Customer: "It’s wrong? I’ll go to the other girls then!" (He goes
Me: (thinks that maybe he didn’t want me to see the cellphone number on the other side of the paper, serves next customer.)
*ten minutes later*
Customer: (shows other Teller the same paper.) "Put $460.00 in there!"
Teller: "All right, sir. Is his account at this branch?"
Customer: "Why’d you want to know that? How stupid are you? Can’t even do a simple job!"
Teller: "Sir, you’re being very rude, and there’s no call for that. Try smiling, you’ll find the day goes much better."
Customer: "I wasn’t being rude! How’d you call me rude? Who do you think you are?"
Teller: "Sir, you’re being rude again, Please stop. I don’t need to take that from you."
Customer: "I wasn’t being rude! I was being, educated!"
Teller: "Are saying we’re not educated?"
Customer: (splutters) "You’d, You’d better watch out for your job! You’d better watch out for your job!"
Bank Manager: (Who has overheard.) "Say no more, sir, Say no more. Good Day, Sir."

Kemendraugh: wow, um. Remind me not to listen to the rest of Lolita read by Jeremy Irons.
Kemendraugh: *uneasy*
Kemendraugh: that’s far too sexy a voice for that book

Kemendraugh: you’ve never been to the U of O stacks, have you? *eyebrow*
Kemendraugh: I have. *grim*
Snazel: yes…
Snazel: well
Snazel: three times
Snazel: for art
Snazel: and people were hungover
Snazel: for photocopying, and I was tranced out by the copiers
Kemendraugh: heh
Snazel: and for database searching
Snazel: and the guys next to me were bemoaning their lack of dates
Snazel: "Hey man, you want my sister?" *unironic*
Kemendraugh: the dusty dark stacks in the back are really scary
Kemendraugh: that’s where the guys are NOT bemoaning their lack of date
Kemendraugh: just…moaning…

Kemendraugh: *looking up the origin of snog*"The word seems to have originated in the UK, particularly England. It’s possibly onomatopoedic, which might explain why there is no formal origin of the word."
Kemendraugh: UM?
Kemendraugh: I’m pretty sure "snog" is not the sound they make when snoggin 😛
Kemendraugh: NAHT onomatopoedic
Snazel: what accent did the person who wrote that have…
Kemendraugh: heh, who knows? All I know is that I don’t want to kiss them 😛

Kemendraugh: And everyone KNOWS silence is consent!
Snazel: that’s why gags are such fun

Kemendraugh: *relaying conversations from the next table* "That’s nothing. I woke up saying, "Fireworks!" And wearing a red clown nose. Just. A red clown nose."
Snazel: I need to get out more

Snazel: "It’s the next book in the salacious series. You should read it."

Snazel: how is your day, lokvely?
Bahnree: meh
Bahnree: not hellish like the last couple of days
Snazel: good!
Snazel: that’s always a good start
Bahnree: yes
Snazel: it got better after sleeping through alarm?
Bahnree: it was all just kinda meh
Bahnree: classes were meh
Bahnree: tutoring was meh
Bahnree: it’s all about the wombat ninjas and undead nutria

Bahnree: disturbing outfit
Bahnree: holy cow
Bahnree: could you be pornier?
Bahnree: i don’t think so
Bahnree: unless you were actually porn
Bahnree: talking to the video, not you, lolz

Snazel: You need to do your HW!
Kemendraugh: Nooooooooo
Kemendraugh: You wouldn’t make me do Charlemagne, would you?
Snazel: Making out with Charlemagne, what’s so bad about that?
Kemendraugh:Make. Me. DO. Charlemagne."
Kemendraugh: in hindsight
Kemendraugh: that was a bad choice of wording.

*talking about writing characters who were making out*
Kemendraugh: If Ethan’s an ass-grabber, that’s his issue.
Snazel: I think he is… *groans*
Kemendraugh: Annnnd, now it’s YOUR issue.

PCB : here I thought you were educated rather than Snazel
PCB : i.e. permanently wasted without substance abuse


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