I’m the Queen of the May!

Today I went over the back hill with Slonner and we picked flowers. I wore them home. No, you may not have pictures. Not yet, at any rate.

I’ve been enjoying my time in New Bruswick, but things have been mercifully short of blogging material. I have not stabbed myself in the foot, (that was last week), I made all my bus connections and got off at the right stops, (unlike last year), all my luggage is with me, (curse you, Air Canada), and I haven’t stepped on any slugs.
Oh wait, I did.
I stepped on a slug, and I wasn’t wearing shoes.
I know, you’re all scarred now. ^_^
Anyhow, I’ll hit the high points.
  • On Monday Slonner and I made it safely to Grammy and Grampy’s house, and then we chiefly slept.
  • Tuesday we mall-ratted, as I believe I mentioned, and I didn’t buy any books! My canvas shoes were tan when I bought them. Then we went to Value Village, where I did buy books.
  • Wednesday we walked along the walking trail on the waterfront, and across the old train bridge. I brought my camera but was sorely remiss in taking pictures. The tan shoes became more dusty coloured.
  • Thursday Slonner and I took the bus across town to the mall again. There we met up with Historian and his lovely wife, we discussed smuggling methods, and then we watched UP in the theater. The meeting, the discussion and the movie were all lovely. ^_^
  • Friday we went up country and clamored around a waterfall. The shoes became more and more brown, with green streaks. Moss is treacherous, did you know that? Also, dogs enjoy drying themselves on your legs, it seems. We had dinner in the EIO and came home, and then we watched Yours, Mine and Ours, and had banana splits. A very good evening. 😀
  • Saturday, I walked over the back hill in my bare feet, and met slugs. So when I came back for round two of the ramble, shoes were involved. Said shoes are now really brown, and green, and speckled, and wet, and well broken in. I also wore through a blister on the back of my heel, (red patch!) and met my Cousin’s husband for the first time with a bouquet of flowers woven in my hair. I’m so awesome. 😀 Then we had a family dinner, and I listened avidly while inhaling marvelous food. Salads, sandwiches, good bread, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Mmmmmm.
And tomorrow I go home on eht bus with Slonner! So I should get off of my aunt’s internet and go pack. *waves*

I write this as I download the Free Single Of The Week from itunes via Chapters/Starbucks. Yep. ^_^

I’m in Chapters, using free internet and considering buying some very definately not free coffee at starbucks. Slonner and I have had a good time roving about the mall. I bought some eight dollar canvas shoes at Wal-mart! I found that I’d only brought sandals. Which are lovely and all, but they aren’t really set up for long distance walking. Next we rove some more, and then off to Value Village! 😀

"You look like Career Doll Barbie!" "Oh sweet heavens, I do."

Today at breakfast we discussed beta testing, submarines, the mail system and the Musad. And then we ended up with watching a video of a dancing parrot. I love my family. 😀

The end-of-year has officially come for (most) of our activities. Brownies and Guides ended with a camp on the weekend, and Dance ended with The Show over the past five days. (If I could make that sparkly, I would. It’s Just. That. Big. They sell out the Arts And Culture Centre for three days. Ahem.) Now Cadets, which the Walrus is involved in, ends with a dance on Friday, which the Walrus may or may not attend. The jury is still out.

I was in dance class for four and a half years, and involved in the show for five, but I’d never actually been in the audience on a performance night. This year I was, and I was very proud. *proud smile* Fraulein and Slonner were in a total of six dances, (the best ones.) I’ve now been inspired to get back into dance, if I can scare up the cash and transportation. The show its self was epic, of course. The theme was Variations: Deja Vu, and they did repeats of the best dances over the last 11 years. That sounds rather feeble, but then you realize these were all excellent dances in the first place, in addition to the fact that much of the audience was looking forward to seeing their old favorite dances again. It was very good. Too bad you missed it. *shakes head*

My sister just walked into my room and shaved green glitter onto my head. This should probably disconcert me more than it does. My response? Let’s watch trailers on itunes! Something is wrong with me.
Anyhow! Let’s talk about camp! This was the first Camp I’ve gone to as a leader, and it was slightly different from the other side. For one thing, sleep seemed so much more important? Some how, when you’re a camper it seems fun to avoid sleep. When you’re a leader you’re more trying to avoid falling asleep on the lunch table. Also, limp french fries are less thrilling than actual salad with croutons and everything. This is a mysterious transformation, I wonder what could cause it? 😀
At breakfast the first day I was clutching a mug of weak, burnt coffee like the ambrosia it was, and one of the Brownies inquired as to whether she could have some coffee. Given that this eight-year-old girl never seems to suffer from a lack of energy, my answer was decidedly in the negative. “Why?” was the predicable response. “Because I’m an adult,” I responded- as predictably. The little Brownie, who by then had acquired a posse of interested followers, proceeded to inform me that I was not an adult. Cue blinking from Snazel. Oh, wait, this happens some times, they think because I am not a teacher or someone’s mom, I must still be in high school. “No, I am an adult, I’m 20,” I reply and drink more coffee. This isn’t good enough, according to the children. I’m not an adult because I don’t have a boyfriend. This is- not an objection I’ve had to deal with before. I throw out something about not having to have a boyfriend to be an adult. Brown Owl doesn’t have a boyfriend, and she’s an adult! Shaking of heads from the Brownies. Brown Owl is a teacher, therefore my argument is invalid. Ulp. Furthermore! They all have boyfriends, why don’t I? Wait, the seven, six and eight year-olds all have boyfriends? Yep, even the kindergartners have boyfriends. Cue disapproving looks from the Brownies. This is clearly an epic fail on my part. But I am not defeated! I go on the attack! My next question; do their boyfriends buy them things? No? Well, they aren’t much of boyfriends, are they now? The Brownies giggle madly about this, and I escape to get more coffee. Just another morning conversation with small girls!
The Camp was in a really lovely place, though. I should go back with a camera and less Brownies to control (which is approximately on the same level as herding cats) and take pictures. And I had a good time, though I wasn’t sad to go come and collapse into an unconcious heap.

"I just waved at those hitchhikers, didn’t I." "Yep, the little flirty wave, too."

Another blog post written on the highway!

  • Soundtrack is: Coldplay
  • Driver is: Fraulein
  • Drink is: Ice cubes left over from McDonald’s Root Beer
  • Destination is: St. John’s and the Home School Conference. 

Okay, now that you have all the vital stats, I suppose I may as well explain in labourious and tedious words.

We’re going to the Home School Conference!


Okay, yes, the language portion of my brain is sadly lacking at this date. But despite this tragic handicap, I persevere and blog, for you, my loyal reader. I’m so noble. *sniffs*

Up until yesterday I though that I was going to stay home, live on tea and noodles, and watch television this weekend. My work schedule meant that I would miss the convey out, you see. And then, someone clever, (not me, sad to say), looked at the calander and noticed that I was off in the early afternoon. “So,” Clever Person said to his or herself, “Snazel could leave on the latter half of the Convoy, if the latter half of the convoy delayed a couple hours. ” And we all saw that this was good, and it was so.

And no we’ve been on the road for a little over two hours, looking to be on the road for a further three hours. Yay. On the other hand, the road is sparkly, and the clouds are beautiful. And I will probably double the amount of my freckles by the time we get there. *sigh*

We’ve gone 168 km, go us!

Geo: “Are we there yet?”
Fraulein: “You should do something fun while you you wait!”
Snazel: “You can always take up slapping yourself for personal amusement!”
Fraulein: “Self abuse is not entertainment.”
Snazel: “I’m just pinking my cheeks the natural way.” *lofty*

Oh, and when we stopped for a bathroom break a lovely old lady asked if four of my younger siblings were my children. This selection of my siblings included Slonner, who is 12 and a half. *headdesk* I guess my work clothes make me look REALLY mature? On the other hand, I just slapped Fraulein while she was driving “to make sure her eyes didn’t close,” and accused her music of being a travesty. So perhaps Maturity is negotiable? Yep, that’s what I think.

In other news, Fraulein and I are meeting up with at least two other friends, perhaps more, and going to a movie tonight! It has been suggested that we watch a chick flick. My response, roughly, was “Yeah, sure! I know a great one called Star Trek! I’m just gonna go watch it, you can join me if you want. Tah!”

At work today my printer wasn’t working when I went to balance out, so I had to call tech support. (We restarted the computer. :D) While waiting for the computer to claw its way back into relevance, I long-dated one arm, and date-stamped the other. It seemed like a good idea at the time. That’s all I have to say on that subject. Annnddd, the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working. How dreadfully jolly. I think I’m going to buy myself a milkshake at our next stop! Good plan, me!

Geo: “Oh! I see houses!”
Snazel: *monotone* “False hope. False hope.”

So. What’s been up?

There have indeed been actual occurrences in my life! I just fail at blogging. I am heartily ashamed, and bow and scrape in your general direction, my loyal reader. (Wait, you mean there is more than one reader of this blog? My, I have been remiss.)

Let me cast my mind back into the murky depths of the past. What shall I talk about? Oh, the Brownie sleepover last weekend. Words are inadequate, but I shall try. 
  • *deep breath*
  • Oh Oh Oh Oh setting up beds and can I sleep next to my best friend Melissa teacher she says she’s sleeping next to Reagan but I want her to sleep next to me teacherrrrrrrrrr…….
  • Oh look, Pizza! *munches*
  • Oh, never mind, let’s melt plastic cups in the oven and decorate them.
  • LET’S RUN AROUND AND SCREAM- oh, nail polish?
  • Let’s paint the leader’s nails, each nail a different colour!
  • Sleep? Why would we want to do that? Oh look, it’s tomorrow…
  • *leaders pass out sometime about three am*
  • Oh look, it’s morning!
  • *leaders lurch off in search of coffee*
  • *children are perky and RUN AND SCREAM AND SHOUT*
  • *children go home*
  • *leaders clean*
  • *leaders go home*
Yep, that was pretty much the brownie sleepover, in microcosm. Then that evening I went out to Ms. B’s house, and we had a write-in! Which is to say, she worked on school work, and I wrote fun things, and we both put our earbuds in and companionably ignored each other for four hours. Brought me back to Augustine times, I tell you. Of course it was still PM, so not totally Augustine times, but still…. *pauses* I jest, you know I jest. I was a wonderful student. Stellar. I made my professors weep. With joy. *awkward silence falls*
Oh, and then Fraulein and I built a wardrobe last night. Its name is War Drobe, after the shining city in the fair land of Spare Oom. Ahem. And yes, we wrestled that thing up three flights of stairs, because we are awesome, and then we hysterically put it together, because we are skilled. It only took us less than three hours, too. And before you laugh, remember that this was a flatpack wardrobe, with two drawers and doors and so on and so forth, and we built it ALL, without help aside from Slonner assisting with the hinges at the end- when we were too weak with laughter to hold the screwdrivers straight. But it was built, and it is a thing of beauty that I should be filling with clothes instead of blogging. 
Maybe I should work on that? Oh, or I could be working on taxes! So many options!

Family Carnival!

I’m overcoming my lack of interest in text-blogging with some photo-blogging! Hurrah for me! Ahem. Anyhow, here are some pictures. Enjoy. (Yes, that is an imperative. *angelic smile* Why do you ask?)

EDIT: Oh, wait, it seems you might need some explanations. We were running a Carnival, with Booths, in the Living Room. (See? You get to see my Living Room!) Proceeds went to the Family beneficent fund, which this year goes towards feeding PT. Just so as you know, last year it went towards getting me home from College. 😀

Lizzy ran the Blocks Booth, where for a ticket you could build a tower.

Sammy was the main frequenter of that booth, at least in the beginning.

Notice the purse? Yes, that is Sammy’s, and it contains many pennies and tickets. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

Geo ran the hair styling booth. She was very well prepared.

Slonner poses with the make-up…

Geo works her art on Little Sister.

Little Sister has her eyes done!

Slonner supervising, again. 😀

Beauty is serious business!

The sign was starting to be tired, but we propped it up none the less.

The Block Table experiences a resurge of popularity.

Sammy finds a hiding space…

… in a box full of bears and Slonner.

Still Life With Apples And Jugs.

Slonner gets done over.

Geo waits her turn.

It’s Fraulein! Isn’t she pretty?

And there’s my MOM, who is just lovely on every level. 😀

And… my little brother, who decides to lug around the long-suffering cat.

Fraulein- an action shot.

Lizzy’s strike.

"Who are "They" and why are they putting stuff in my shoes?"

Yesterday seemed to go by really fast. In fact, any time that I’m not at work has been seeming to whoosh by me. I think my time sense is broken. Oh wait…

Our laundry machines have been taken out of commission, so after the mountain of used clothing threatened to fill the kitchen we decided that it was time to take desperate measures. Slonner and I were therefore yesterday dispatched to take possession of the laundromat. Our departure was delayed by the fact that the small ones had taken the laces out of my shoes. They had then tied themselves to the wall with them, as “they were in space and the lines were to make sure they didn’t float away.” But we got away eventually. 
We ended up spending three and a half hours in the Laundromat. And for most of that time we had the place to ourselves. And we filled it. Just to show you a glimpse of the enormity of the task that is laundry in our house; at one point we had five washers and seven dryers running. At the same time. It took two car loads just to get all the laundry up to the Laundromat in the first place. So Slonner and I suspended our time senses and stuffed machines. It was fun. 😀
In the evening, Fraulein and I watched Enemy Of The State. I like that movie. *grins* It has sufficient conspiracy to please me, and that is saying something. I need to go through it to collect quotes. 
Oh, and at 10:30 I found out that a paper I said I would write for fun was due tomorrow. That is, before I go to sleep. *stares blankly at the screen, and then swallows hard* I really wish I had actually thought about the subject I said I’d write on… Yeah, I jury-rigged a paper, of sorts. It’s held together with finishing nails and hope, and has gaps in the logic you could drive trucks through. There is no continuity from paragraph to paragraph, and it ends with a half-page quote which has nothing to do with anything. So just like all my papers, right? 😀 No. This one is really REALLY bad. I’m not showing it to anyone. If I had planned to share it around, I would have done a preliminary sweep for logic. 
It was fun, in a hard, Oh-my-word-my-brain-has-atrophied-when-I-wasn’t-looking, WHERE ARE MY QUOTES AND CAN I QUOTE A NOVEL, Why? Just why? Sleep is looking awfully good right now, sort of way. Maybe I’ll do another one and actually spend some awake time on it. *laughs merrily*
Oh. I’d better get to work. Ciao!