Right now plotting feels like trying to solve this.

(Have I mentioned I’m no good at Rubix cubes?)

You know that part where you grimly hate your story, you seem to do nothing except stare at a word doc (Okay, pages document) and everything that drivels out of your brain is basically brain-mush? (FUNNY, THAT.) Yep, I’m here. Me and Karma Police, we’re here.

*repeated banging of head against table*


Fortunately, none of my alpha readers seem to actually be reading the story. So I chortle madly over my computer and make extravagant promises to myself to fix it before they reach it. It’ll be GOOD, see? Only far, far in to the future. FARRRRRR into the future. Hehehe. Maybe when I’m old and gray and have fourteen cats, a fragile plant and a ferret. Then it’ll be done and I can let it out into the world again. Hehehehe.

Seriously though. When I’m planning a story? I REALLY need to keep it more cheerful. Anytime I decide I need to add comic relief by throwing in a teenage marriage, things are going wrooooooong. Also, lol unintentional sketch. You’d think by marrying a guy off things would be less prone to awkwardness? No, that only counts when the character is not as GIFTED with awkwardness as mine are. It’s a gift, really.

And I got Hex Hall and War Of the Flowers and Nova War and Hundred Thousand Kingdoms in the mail today, along with others, and I really really want to hole up with them and some tea and never come out no more. But I’m not allowed until this draft is done.

My life is AAAAAAAAAGONYYYYYYYYYY. *abject weeping*

On the one hand, I slept through my alarm and was late to work.

On the other hand, I found out I can go from horizontal, asleep in a tangle of blankets- to upright, clothed and in my right mind, wearing a nametag and at work, in under seven minutes.

Yesterday’s celebration was clearly premature.

Wordcount: 138

I’m not even joking. *sigh* I’m so close to the end, and so easily distracted! Maybe tomorrow will be better? Maybe? *crosses fingers* If I put in a decent day, I bet I could finish this story in one day?!?!?! OMG FOR REALZ? *is fired up now*
Also, I inadvertently compared those who entered Nathan Bradford’s beginning paragraph contest to tone-deaf asthmatic rats. I should mention now that not EVERYONE who enters is in that category. (Unless you like that description, in which case, more power to ya.) The 2000+ entries do contain some serious rats, though… *cough* And some stellar phenixes. Yay Phenixes!
I need coffee…

"We’re not speaking. We had, an argument."

I am a Mac loyalist, and a little bit of a Mac racist. I mean, I will use Windows if absolutely necessary*, but only if absolutely necessary*. I mean, it’s shiny, it always treats me right, and it makes witty jokes ads about other boys computers. *cough* No, I don’t suffer from acute anthropomorphism of electronics✢, why do you ask?

I also started a Youtube account. This was prompted by my SHINY new jewelry which I had to show off, and mainly intended for my close freinds. (They seem to think me being incoherent and giddy is amusing/loveable/entertaining. You see why I’m friends with them? I NEED that ego-stroking❧!)
I’ve been making videos. (All three of them!) Without edits. Or grammar. WHooooooo, I’m grammar-free! And Bahnree, who I dearly love, suggested I use edits, on more videos. I whined and complained and agreed. Because I’m just gracious like that.
Actually I told Fraulein that she had to make a vlog. Because I’m just courteous like that. So we filmed four takes, with the intention of editing them together. And then we opened iMovie. And the abusive behaviour started.
It was a bit confusing at first, but I figured we could get through it. We cut out the bits we didn’t want, added an effect or two (crickets sound effects!) and then the audio disappeared. Um, what? So we re-imported the offending clip and tried again. And again. And Again. It kept loosing the clips? Finally we get it to work, and go to export it. (this is an hour and a half later?) The benighted thing FREEZES. Okay, that would be fine, only IT DIDN”T SAVE. *anger*
I don’t feel like going over all the pain and repedative steps of pain. Suffice it to say, two hours later, I am not speaking to my OS. It DECIVED me. *sulks* I want to like your iMovie, OSX, really I do, but no. Just no. I can’t take that kind of abuse from my computer. I’m a delicate and easily angered person, that’s why I came to you in the first place! Just take iMovie aside and give him a talking to, and I”m sure we can get along just fine in the future. Don’t bother to talk to me before iMovie has been punished. *lofty*
*turns away*
*Absolutely Necessary. “No, you may not use your personal laptop on the secure network.” “No, our budget does not allow for a mac in addition to the other public-use machines.” “No, we only have the one computer in the college, why do you ask?” And things of that ilk.

Anthropomorphism of Electronics. Don’t worry, Yinsen, honey, they didn’t mean those mean things. You just stay over here with me, I’ll recharge your battery and it’ll all be fine.
Ego-Stroking. “You’re so pretty… *stares*”

A REAL Post.


As you may have noticed by my previous post, or perhaps by the lack of posting in the past, hmmm, several months, I have not been greatly inspired to blog lately.

What, what’s that? You say you didn’t notice? Hush, I’m busy deluding myself, which is- after all- the main point of blogging. Ahem.

BUT! *orator hands* I do have an excuse! Yes I do. And I’m going to bring it out now, and WAVE it at you. In your very FACE.

My hands hurt.

There you have it. Wasn’t that a wonderful excuse? No, you say? Well, well, um, uh, *trails off uselessly* But the majority of sarcasm aside, (I can’t put it all aside, that just is a personal impossibility,) I have indeed had sore hands. Apparently counting money for seven hours a day, five days a week, and then coming home and writing fiction – e.g. internet chatting while ignoring a blank word processor- for several more hours, has an effect! Who knew?

And, um, I’m lame. *cheesy grin* But anyways!

It was my birthday on Sunday! I turned 21! I spent it, in true Snazel-fashion, sleeping, browsing pictures on facebook, and playing Duck Duck Goose. 😀 Also there was cheesecake. Oh my, there was cheesecake. Mmmmm. I deeply love Cheesecake, and especially this one. Yum. Thank you, Mommy!

Fraulien gave me a lovely shirt that covers my abdomen and my smaller siblings gave me chocolate and itunes, and mommy and daddy gave me BOOKS in the form of a Chapters card, and it was generally very jolly. 😀 Oh, and because I watch Jeopardy like it’s a competition- what do you mean Alex can’t hear me? I shouted loud enough!- we played a trivia game. I ran my team into the red immediately and then masterfully kept them there with my fast reaction times and stunning guess skills. 😀 It was a fun birthday, indeed!

Okay, my brain is now gone. Byes.

Now for another round of Snazel-Is-Annoying-On-The-Internet!

First of all, sorry. To anyone else on the internet. I get obnoxious when I’m procrastinating- I don’t talk to people who might actually want to talk to me, and I pester innocent bystanders. *shifty eyes* Hopefully you don’t know who you are, innocent bystanders, etc. *cough*

Word count: 1,099
Scenes: 1
Lamest, shortest tongue-lashing ever.

Always on the days when I’m inspired…

Wordcount: 307
Scenes: Hey you, yeah you. You know where you can put your nosy questions? Yeah, that’s right, in the blender. In the BLENDER.

My excuses for this day include: grocery shopping, making hamburgers, making potato salad, visiting with friends, making paper boats, spreading the ashes of a loved one, being trapped away from my computer, listening to hilarious conversation, supper, breakfast and lunch, family obligatory socialization, and exiling societal exiling expectations to be exiling social on exiling Saturday’s exiling evening. Meh.

I WANTED to write! *cries*