My shining dishonesty will be the salvation of me.

Dearly Beloved, I am beat out.

I wrote 1687 words today, of which all are trash and more are insane. I have completely lost my grip on grammar, and music only goes so far to keep my brain inside my veins.

I should not have tried to read Wintergirls. That was a mistake, and my internal organs have not commenced feeling calm again. In other news, I have to wear long sleeves to work because I keep doodling ink on my arms, and that is not “professional.” (Seemingly there are such things as “appearances” to keep up. Who knew?)

But in writing news, I fear greatly my end-of-march deadline. Today- people lied and Nanami saw. (Or did she?) All that research about prisons, and it came to naught.

World-building revelation of the hour- phones are electric. DARN IT. So is the internal combustion engine, and radios. So I’m thinking of a nice way to use some electrics but not alls? Or perhaps I’ll just leave that for times when I am less insane. Ah-hah.

Upcoming events- Ewan defines his insults, Adam is rejected and therefore despairs, Laura is calm and probably cuddling ensues, and Ethan goes dancing. Or maybe I’ll just nuke the world. NO WEDDINGS FOR YOUSE. ALL DEATH.

Oh Midas-in-a-bottle-for-drinkable-end, I need to sleep. If anyone can make sense of what I wrote today- they should probably be committed.

I really need to rename Ethan. Does anyone have any ideas?


I need to stay away from “clever” titles. This is clear. But I’m going to let that one stay, for teh lolz. *cough* It’s time for the tradition, the wonder, that is Nano Wrap-up! WHOOOOO

(I just washed two hours of dishes and now have tea, can you tell?)
I’ll start with a shout-out to my characters. *beams*

  • Adam – It just gets worse. I’m sorry. But you’re so FUN to break. *cough* I’m sorry about the girls. And the torture. But really, it wasn’t THAT bad…
  • Nanami – You’ll feel better later. I’m sorry. I really am sorry, but sometimes the only way is to break and re-form. You had shiny travels?
  • Laura – I didn’t want to like you, but I do… You haz mad skillz, woman. I don’t want to know what they are, but still. Props to you.
  • Ewan – Heh. Heh. Don’t look at me like that! You KNOW you asked for it. You just attract violence! I uh, don’t know what’s going to happen to you. I think fights are gonna be involved. Aren’t you HAPPY? Don’t use language like that around me, young man. You love it, I know.
  • Ethan – You’re a jerk. Too bad I keep liking you! Stupid dis-loyal jerkface pretty boy. *growls* I’m gonna make you PAY.
  • Mr. Theyneker – Stay away. Seriously. You scare me. Seriously. AWAY. I mean it. *hides behind anything large and locked*
  • Amelie – *salutes* You were random and I like you. I like your back story. I like your distain. I like that I’m never going to see you again, Lord Willing.
  • Dijimon – Jerk. Go away.
  • Claude – You’re a random pretty boy who keeps morphing roles and I named you to annoy a fictional characters, what can I say? I’m going to make you fail, soon. Enjoy your life.
  • Katie – Hi, you’re pretty. Let’s break Adam together.
  • The Duke – I will find a way to involve you later, Fop. I WILL.
  • Islay – You’re sweet, and awesome! I’m sorry I’m using you. Er, have a new pair of shoes?
  • Sidney – You are still my favourite bit characters. I’m gonna bring you back. ANd then the Bad Girls can fight to see who you are married too, cause you’re awesome. *hugs* I’m sorry about the whole prison thing.
  • Mrs. Swallow – I’m sorry about your son. You’re lovely. I really, really am sorry. *cringes*
  • Hana – You’re WAYYY to perky. Go perk over there kthnxbai.
  • My Bad Girls – I less than three you all. I’m sorry about the whole prison thing. I’m gonna get you out? GJ with the torture and kidnapping and all. I promise it’ll be better in the edit, too.
  • The Train People – I thought you were my favourite bit people. Then I realized that you’re actually another novel. Someday…
  • Jim – I’m not sure yet if you’re a good guy or you just killed a bunch of kids. But you’re pretty. Um. *unsure* I’m sorry the flirting lines I gave you were so lame. I’m sure you’re MUCH smoother than that.
I think that’s everybody! Aren’t they wonderful, and doesn’t my story sound cheerful?
Now to go over what was actually accomplished. (And what I learned)
  1. I wrote 66,690 words on a story that doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. There is srysly a LOT that has to be revealed and dealt with. *I take a moment to weep* (My plots are weeds. They grow in directions I don’t want them too, take root in strange places, and Do. Not. Die. Also I’m wordy.)
  2. The story started as a fantasy which was shiny and full of teenage fun, and it became, well, steampunk featuring betrayal, deception, and death. I mean, if you start with your MCs being terrorists, there are only so many ways it can go. (I’m pretty sure that I’m still writing YA, but I have a potential to get dark. You want hope? You’re going to have to WORK for hope. Also, teenagers are so flexible for one reason only- to heal faster after they’ve been broken. There will be breakage.)
  3. I tried to keep continuity, and keep plotlines under control. I failed. (WRITE A DETAILED OUTLINE AND KNOW WHAT YOUR EVER-LOVEING PLOT IS. I AM NOT EVEN JOKING, SELF.)
  4. I realized today that I came up with most of this plot a.) when a family member was moved to palliative care b.) while waiting around the hospital for this person to die, and c.) while being attacked by normal life after the death. (When in a setting like this, you will think your plots will be nice and light and frothy. They won’t be. You’ll do things like putting a main character on death row for a murder they didn’t commit- for the sake of character development- and seriously consider not getting them off- and think it’s just normal and cheerful teen drama. Be Aware Of Your Mental State When Plotting. Also, what was up with the invisible kids that I cut on the first day? Srysly, brain, sleep is good for you.)
  5. After, I think it was 18 days straight, I burned out, and needed to take a break. This felt awful, but I did write better after taking a day off! (Writing is wonderful, we know this. I still need to give my mind time to catch up and develop sub-plots that make any kind of sense.)
  6. And finally- After much non-production in the final days of nano, I turned off my internet for six hours and wrote over 5 thousand words. (I am easily distracted, I shouldn’t try to stay on twitter, facebook, chat and blogs- and write at the same time. It will not work.)
There you have it! My profound wrap-up. Now if you’ll excuse me, my family hasn’t seen me in a month.

"I remember black skies, the lightening all around me…"

Song of the day!

Also this one. *cough*
In terms of writing, my little sisters today both realized that they had improperly backed up their YWP novels. So they were both down to about a thousand words apiece, and had until tomorrow midnight to get their handwritten pages up to a word count of 8k. Tears were shed, especially since they are both at the hunt-and-peck stage. So myself, my mom and my 18 year old sister stepped in to type for them. Which is my excuse for my wordcount. 😀 Isn’t family jolly?
  • Daily: 2,129
  • Overall: 65,682
Today I broke Nanami- again. Poor girl doesn’t know how much she still has to lose. ^_^
ALSO, Stephanie Perkins gave me *63,588 GIANT GOLD GLITTERY STARS.* I am awesome. I’m so awesome.

"Shoulda turned around and left before the sun came up again…"

My nano playlist is eighteen hours long. I impress myself. ANYWAYS.

Burnout continues to trundle along. Someone who shall remain nameless came up with the idea of making out with burnout, to distract and placate it. Perhaps I shall try that tomorrow. But today, my word count is;
  • Daily: 937
  • Overall: 41,612
And have an excerpt that- again- had nothing to do with anything! Whee for tradition!

After throwing that fit, now she was calmly eating her fries and walking sideways out of the store. Ewan stayed a few steps behind Nanami, in case she went nutcase again. The others would already be at the car…

“I’m not crazy, you know.”

Ewan kept his flinch contained inside his jacket. It wasn’t even noticeable, he was sure. “I wasn’t thinking that.” He half-lied.

“Ah-huh.” Nanami grinned at him over her shoulder as they crossed the mall parking lot. “I’m sure. It worked, though!” She frowned down at the fries in her hand. “I don’t want these, you want them?”

“It did work.” Ewan took a few long longer steps to catch up. He took the fries from her hand and scarfed them down. “Thanks. Why’d you think it would?”

Nanami had her hands stuffed in her pockets now. She shrugged. “I had a cousin, have, who has mental issues. She liked to try and get at least one person to quit every time she went out.”

“Ah-huh.” Ewan considered this. “So you knew that would-?” He trailed off, unsure how to phrase the question.

“If she hadn’t quit then, the next step was to start kissing random people or stripping.”

Ewan choked on a fry. “You, uh.” He was even less sure of how to phrase THAT question. Did both girls he was working with have no aversion to kissing random people, then? And if so, why hadn’t he gotten some of that yet?

Nanami smiled slightly, with her eyes half-shut. “I said there was a family tradition, didn’t I?”

“You, uh, like tradition?” Ewan spotted Adam’s car and headed down the next aisle in the parking lot. He was having to re-arrange a lot of boxes in his mind, especially around Nanami.

“For work.” She said calmly, almost as though she knew what he was thinking about. This made the boxes shuffle again, out of the more pleasant patterns they were forming into. Damn.

Ewan finished the fries all at once and slid into the backseat of Adam’s stupidly expensive, yuppie car. Ethan was in the passenger seat reading a map, Adam was propped up behind the wheel- (idiot,) Laura was sitting behind Adam, and- Mr. Theyneker was sitting next to him. Ewan stiffened and turned to look at him.

“I thought that went well.” The man in the suit wasn’t perturbed by the situation, or the fact that he was taking up Nanami’s seat, so she had to stand outside the car and peer into it. “Efficient imagination, and very fast. What were all of your roles in this?” He looked expectantly at Adam. Adam opened up his mouth and started to prattle stupidly.

Ewan crossed his arms and leaned back on the seat. So Mr. Fucking Theyneker thought the preppy bastard was in charge too? That was just, brilliant. Fucking Brilliant.

Also. You should all listen to the new John Mayer cd. 😀 I like Assasin, and I’m On Fire, and Half Of My Heart. A lot. *dances off*

But this police offer looked rather like the one at dispensed with that idea."

Word count;

  • Daily: 1,443
  • Overall: 24,582
So due to work, drama, and dance class, the only time I had to write today was in the car on the way to dance class. Because of laptop issues, I couldn’t see what I was typing. This led to some. Rather. Interesting spelling. And Grammar. And a few instances where I already have no idea what I was going for. Here, have a sample. 😀

Nanami recoiled and snatched her hand away. “Just checking to make sure you’re still alive, eyebrow.”

Ewan checked his eyebrow “No thinks to you.”

were you evan paying attention? It IS thanks to me.”

::what, you dragged ma long?”

:{;eas children, let’s fight later?
” Larua milled and handed Briskly a pair of gloves to Nanami and Ethan. I know you are so in love, but please keep your lover’s spats for other places? the police might get the wrong idea.”

Ewan glared through out from under bruised eyes. “We are not lovers.”

‘ANd we won’t be.” Nanaoi interjected. in case Laura might get the wrong iead. “No plans for it.”


Laura smiled again. She smstepped forward and up to the wicked. “Hello, I’d like to register a complaint? Mase she he doesn’t pass out, kay, Nammy?”

“Nammy anand Ewan looked at eachother in mutual anger, and then standed and stared at Lura in mutual pretending the other person wasn’t there.

Soul successfully sold.


  • Daily: 4,729
  • Overall: 20,448
I wanna write more but my words are dead and my hands hurt and Rose is yelling at me on the internet to sleep. So I go.
I really love Ethan, and Ewan, and Nanami. The others, can go over THERE.
Okay I’m going now! *runs*

LATER: Okay I couldn’t sleep. Too much tea. Here, have an excerpt that has nothing to do with anything, only it wants to become a story of its own.

The boy was wearing a top hat with a tuft of pheasant feathers stuck in the hatband, and a vertically striped waistcoat with a thin chain hooked into one of his button holes. “ I’m sure-” He stopped as the door behind him rattled, and turned around on the toe of his scuffed brown leather shoes to hold it up open. “Hey, Melinda.”

The girl who slipped through the door was dressed exactly the same way, only with red gloves and the addition of a small tray and cashbox at her waist. The money-changing setup was held in place with a leather belt and a thin black tie that went around her neck. “Hey, Paul.” She stepped across the aisle and leaned on the side of one of the benches for stability as she pulled a flip notebook out of her pocket. She smiled briskly at the mustached man on the bench. “Good day sir. Name?”

“Uh, Phillip of Wooster.” He was holding a battered metal helmet in his lap and had a bandage tucked neatly around his forehead. Nanami didn’t recognize his uniform, which was immaculate in every crease and mend.

Melinda nodded and made a mark in her notebook. She had leather bands right under her elbows. They closed with snaps and her sleeves where tucked out of them, away from any ink. “And where are you going today, Phillip?”

Phillip cleared his throat. “I’m connecting through Adelhied, heading for New KwaZulu? I’m carrying a letter for my major-” He stopped as Melinda held up a small hand. Her stubby fingers were ink-stained.

“Save it for the customs house, soldier. That’ll be five kroner.” She stowed away the coins that Phillip proffered and flicked the side of a ink stamp. “Right hand.”

Phillip held out his hand while Melinda flicked the stamp again. It was humming, and she scowled at it. “Behave, you second hand piece of third rate no patent ju- there you go!” She bashed the stamp on an red ink pad and marked Phillip’s right hand with a star in a circle. “Have a good trip, sir.” The girl stepped across the aisle and looked at Nanami. “Name?”

Nanami was now suddenly conscious that she didn’t know where she was going. “Um, Nanami Tajimi, miss? I don’t-”

Melinda smiled at her. “No worries, Miss. Your ticket is already paid for for. Left hand, please.” Nanami held out her left hand.

Melinda flicked a dial on the side of her stamp and muttered darkly at it under her breath. “I’m sorry about this, miss, It doesn’t usually take so long.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all.” Nanami smiled sheepishly. “I know what it’s like to have your equipment not co-operate.”

“Of course, miss.” Melinda looked at her out of the corner of her eye, almost too fast to be seen, and bashed the stamp on the back of the bench. “Ah, finally!” She dashed it against another ink pad and marked the back of Nanami’s left hand. This time the imprint was in green, of a sword crossing a pair of scaled. “Enjoy your trip, Miss.” She stepped down the aisle again, swaying her hips to keep her balance in the moving train. “Hands! If you’ve paid for your ticket, keep your hands up! You, madame, what is your name?”

Nanowrimo? Let’s fight.

I was fangirling about the lovely outfit which one of my character has, and my sister Quadropod, BLESS HER, decided that the outfit sounded cool! So she decided to draw her! I squee! So here is Nanami, in her Alternate World/Steampunk regalia. I was/am happy.

I also am sick, and my cheekbones hurt, which is new. I think my wisdom teeth are coming in too. YAY.
Maybe the cheekbones are connected to the teeth? I hate the dentist. YAY.
I GET to go to the dentist! Maybe. Perhaps this is just congestion. *hopes*
And final word count for the day:
Too bad I couldn’t pull out another 32 words, but… 😀 That gives me something to strive towards. I kinda wrote all the scenes that I had in my head already, too. So that’s jolly. I think tomorrow I’ll start a riot. And possibly police without Miranda Rights. Or should I keep them? I’m unsure. OOOOhhhh, I’ll keep them, and the bad guys can ignore rights. 😀 That’s a better plan. Fare Well, internets!